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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome to our Beyond Unit 30 week in review! I think I am finally caught up. I was 3 weeks behind on posts, but I finally had the chance to catch up! This week we continued to learn about the Pioneers and how they traveled west by covered wagon. We crossed many of the rivers mentioned on our trip to Florida. It was cool to show Silas that we were covering much of the same ground as the Pioneers.

We read about how the pioneers who traveled west by covered wagon did so in long trains of wagons. We read about how some of them were lost in the mountains, and how kind native Americans helped them find the trail again. Silas ripped different colored sheets of papers to represent the mountains the pioneers traveled through.

This is Silas's history notebooking page of the week.

For geography we learned about the two longest rivers in the United States; the Mississippi and the Missouri. We are very familiar with the Missouri as we live only 20 minutes from it. As we traveled to Florida we went through St. Louis and saw the Gateway to the West or the St. Louis Arch. We also went over the Mississippi and saw how wide it was. We also went over the Ohio river as well which we learned about last unit.

Silas added new entries to his timeline.

In science we read about Bison. Our science activity was to make a masking tape buffalo to show just how big these majestic creatures are! Silas was amazed. We do have a place near us that has buffalo. I'll have to take him there soon.

Silas thought it was cool that no matter what way he lay that the buffalo still could fit him.

This was his science notebooking page for the above activity.

We read about how the travelers happened upon a broken down wagon where they found a baby. We read that vultures were circling the broken wagon.

For science we read about how vultures glide on air. We made 2 gliders.

Silas huffed and he puffed.

He was able to easily get his birds into the air.

He got pretty good at it!

This was his science notebooking page for the above activity.

Our poem of the week was "Written in March." I'm so thankful that I'm writing this at the end of April! On to the final stretch! See you next week :)

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  1. You are doing sooo good! Love that giant Bison.

    We've been rowing books again and taking each day as it comes.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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