Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 31 in Review

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Welcome to our Unit 31 week in review. For 2 weeks I am doubling up our weeks to get us to the end. The boys have been troupers. I gave them the choice to be finished with school in 5 weeks or 3. They chose option #2 knowing that there would be a little more elbow grease involved. Beyond isn't as difficult to double up as CtC. Aedan is feeling the crunch a little more than Silas, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This week we spent our time with the Pioneers on the Sante Fe Trail. We learned about covered wagons, and how difficult the journey was. Last year we visited the National Frontier Museum, and got to ride in a covered wagon. The wagon swales are still there in Independence, MO where many travelers passed so long ago.

We read Luke 12:34 and learned that where our treasure is there our heart will also be.

Kid art always melts my heart a little :)

This was Silas's history notebooking page of the week.

Our science activity was to push and pull our own wagon. Silas put all his favorite things in his wagon. We learned that many travelers had to abandon many of their beloved possessions to lighten the load when the road was rough. Silas pushed his wagon, and pulled it over the river.

Silas pulled his wagon up steep cliffs, and lost his beloved bear a few times as he journeyed.

This is his science sheet for the above activity. I love the illustrations he makes for these. So sweet :)

In Geography we learned about the Sante Fe Trail, and how the Raton Pass was.

In history we read about how a boy named Nick traveled along the long Sante Fe Trail. He used his hat to shoo away flies and mosquitoes. Our science activity was to learn about how fireflies flash their lights to attract a mate. I had one flashlight and flashed a series of flashes. Silas had to mimic the flashes I made with his flashlight.

Our history activity was to sing "Yankee Doodle." I fortunately had this great book on my shelf.

It's beautifully illustrated, and has the full song.

It includes some interesting history about the song's origin, and also explains the lyrics. I didn't realized this song was originally a British song sung to mock the American soldiers.

Our poem was "Weather." This was a fun poem to read aloud.

Our scripture memory verse of the week was Matthew 6:25-26.

We started our plant unit in Elemental Science. Our unit activity is to plant a few things and measure their growth.

Silas was excited to plant our seeds!

Lavender is so fragrant. I hope we actually get this plant going.

Silas thought it was interesting how different the seeds were from one another.

Our experiment of the week was to learn what colors leaves have in them.

We used a coffee filter and made pencil marks over the leaf to imprint them on the filter.

It said only to make 10 marks.

Other than making a hat that looks like one that Maria from The Sound of Music would wear, absolutely nothing happened. Ha! Can't win um' all. I think we should have gotten a tougher leaf, and made a ton more marks. We soaked it in alcohol. I think red and green were supposed to soak up. Maybe we'll try it again!

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