Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 33 in Review

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welcome to our HOD Beyond Unit 33 Week in Review! This unit focused on pioneers who settled in the Great Plains that came all the way from Norway. We read about a little girl named Hilda who missed her homeland and longed to be home because this new land was so strange to her.

We read about how Hilda's family had to travel far to purchase supplies they needed. On the way back her brother and father were caught in a snowstorm. It felt strange making snowflakes in May, but it made us appreciate the warm weather all the more. I found an easy way to make snowflakes on Pinterest. Using a coffee filter is so much easier to fold, and cut through for little fingers.

This was our history notebooking page of the week.

In science we read about different kinds of soils from different regions of the country. 

We got online and saw more pictures, and found the places where these different kinds of soil could be found on the map.

In geography we learned about the Norway which is the country that Hilda's family came from. We learned the differences in the land between the Great Plains and Norway.

In science we learned how the settlers had to learn how to grow new crops in this new strange land. They learned many of these ways from the Native Americans. Silas made a seed model out of Play-doh.

This is Silas's notebooking page for the above activity.

Our poem this unit was "Four Seasons." Silas thought this was a fun poem to read aloud.

Our memory verse this week was Proverbs 17:22. What a good reminder for us all!

This is what happened to our carnations from last week's Elemental Science experiment. On to Unit 34! See you there :)

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