HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 33 in Review

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welcome to our Creation to Christ Unit 33 week in review! So glad to be done with this week. Aedan has worked so hard the past few weeks doubling units, so we can get to summer. There has been minimal complaining because we all have the end in mind. I hate to rush through this part of the guide though. This unit we read through Acts 5-12. It is so fun discussing these bible events with Aedan. He's so stinking smart...I just have to say :)

This week's poem was "A Time to Talk" by Robert Frost. We've so enjoyed reading Robert Frost's poetry together, and learning a little about him each week. This is our very last poem we will study this year.

Aedan's watercolor project was to paint a scene with a stone wall to illustrate the poem. I have loved these watercolor projects, but also love that we're done with them too. If I didn't have this blog for accountability (that is one of my main reasons for doing it) then who knows if we would have completed them all. I do love that the guide is written for 4 days. Often we find ourselves finishing paintings or other projects on that 5th day. This week we did fail to get the history project done, so I released myself from all guilt! We were supposed to make air dry clay and make stones with the offices of the church. Umm...yeah no. Didn't happen. If we weren't doubling this week I would have. As I write this I'm contemplating making them myself to ease my "that box didn't get checked" guilt. Sigh. I've been releasing all my homeschool friends from finishing final pages of work. I need to do the same for myself. It's summer y'all!

This is Aedan's history notebooking page of the week.

Aedan added his timeline entries: Disciples' Ministry in Jerusalem-led by Peter, Stephen martyred/Paul's conversion, and Gospel Spreads to Judea and Samaria. I discussed with him how Stephen was a real person, and that we shouldn't joke about someone being martyred. He really, really looks forward to me laughing at all his art work. Most the time I think he's hilarious. Poor Stephen!

Aedan's oral narration was about the Ethiopia eunuch and Philip.

No this is where he makes me laugh. This kid. His written narration was about Paul's conversion and the light that blinded him.HA!

This was Aedan's copywork from Draw and Write Through History.

He followed instructions out of Draw and Write through History to draw The Colosseum.

This is his science copywork for the week.

Aedan has enjoyed reading out of his human body science book. He keeps spilling facts out of this book, so he's obviously learning something. I heard him telling his neighbor friend all about eyeballs the other day :)

We were (I was) lazy about getting the science experiment done. We so rarely have 2 liter bottles that I just didn't want to go out and buy one. We were supposed to make a model of our lungs. The TM gave us an option to watch a video instead. I'm a slacker. Can't one be on the last few weeks of school...like senior skip week but for homeschoolers? Oh well! On to our next week in review!

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