HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 34 in Review

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welcome to our Creation to Christ Unit 34 week in review. As I said in our unit 33 post, we've been doubling up this week. This week we our history readings were out of Acts 13-20. I'm glad we invested in The Illustrated Family Bible. I think this Bible has added some life to Aedan's readings.While we could have read everything out of his personal Bible, Aedan is such a visual kid. I think him seeing the Bible in pictures, and illustrating it himself will help him remember the stories all the more.

This unit didn't have as many photo ops. We're done with our watercolors, so I will write first about science. Aedan read about our digestive system and about how our eyes work. His experiment this week was to learn how the lens of our eye helps us to see. We flashed a flashlight on the wall, and then held up a bag of water to show how the focal point changes. Yes that is the back of my kid's head who is in desperate need of a haircut. You know you're thinking it. I know I would be :) Maybe after I get through next week I'll stop neglecting my child. Maybe.

He then held up the bag to his eye to illustrate that our eye has a flexible lens.

This is his science notebooking page. His picture cracks me up :)

This is his science copywork of the week.

Aedan answered questions about his science reading.

He followed directions in Draw and Write through History and drew a gladiator. Aedan is such a good little artist on his own. Following directions has been a good practice for him out of this book.

Aedan added his timeline entries: Paul's First Missionary Journey with Barnabus, Paul's Second Missionary Journey with Silas, and Paul's Third Missionary Journey to Ephesus. Aedan read the implied (solo) and left it blank. He's so clever this kid! I would love him to illustrate a Bible from his perspective. I bet every kid would want to read it :)

His copywork was about Paul and Silas in the Prison, and how when they were singing praises to God that the jail opened up. He illustrated the jailer wanting to end his life, and then changing his mind when his prisoners decided to not escape after all.

Aedan read about how Paul was able to do many miracles in Jesus name, and how other's tried to do it without the authority of Christ. He read about how people used to cut off Paul's robe, so they would be healed. "Well, there goes my new robe!"

Unit 34 box 6 didn't have any instructions anywhere in the book. It is apparently a misprint. I found something out of Draw and Write Through History for Aedan to copy. One.more.week! See you then!


  1. We really enjoyed the Illustrated Family Bible as well. I just really wanted one more year to read a story Bible and the pics were great. :)

    So the upper levels have 35 weeks?

    Will you come back to HOD after MFW ECC?

    1. The upper guides I have (CtC and RtR) have 35 weeks.

      Aedan will continue with HOD in RtR this year. I'm not combining them in MFW. I think I've confused everyone :) HOD is a great fit for both boys. I just don't want to put Silas in Preparing just yet.


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