HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 35 in Review

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Welcome to our Creation to Christ Unit 35 week in review. I am writing this on Aedan's very last day of 5th grade. I gotta tell you ladies (and gentlemen if there are any of you out there) that ending the year is almost more of a tear-jerker than beginning one. My boy will officially be a middle-schooler next year. I don't know if that counts when you're a homeschooler, but I sure can see that my little boy is growing into a young man. Oh no...more tears! I was just telling a friend today that it's a good idea to look back on pictures of when your big kids were still little kids. Sometimes we think they should act older, be more mature, or always know the right thing to do, but they're still in training. We are all still in training for our whole lives in fact. I know I still have SO much to learn about life. When I look at my big boy who's almost eye to eye with me I have to remember the great responsibility that is still before me. To make Jesus' name known in my family and in my life is my life's goal. Will I have done what it takes in this child's life to ensure he will do the same when he steps into his own adult shoes? I pray God will have given me the grace to give it my very best shot. I'm so humbled and honored that God has chosen me for this task...the best job on earth. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

This week we end our studies in Acts 21-28. With all the hype about Common Core buzzing around on Facebook, I'm so thankful for the opportunity that is still my freedom...to educate my own children. I sure hope that Aedan has internalized many of the biblical hopes he has read this year in all his studies. There has been much opportunity to discuss how what we believe about the Bible, about God's creation, and about His Son. I'm so thankful to have found a God-centered curriculum from which to draw so many truths. 

This week's history project was to make a wordless book with which to share the Gospel. I didn't end up getting a picture, but we did do it :) It was the same thing as those bracelets with the gold, white, black, red and green beads. We dug out all of Aedan's watercolor pictures of the year. He couldn't believe he had painted so many. My two faves are the autumn tree and the mountain in front.

 This is our final notebooking page of the year.

 Aedan added his timeline entries: Nero becomes Emperor of Rome, Peter and Paul Killed, Christians Persecuted, and Rome and Titus destroy Jerusalem.

 Aedan's copywork was about Paul being persecuted.

 He chose to write his written narration about Paul being bitten by the viper, and how he didn't die.

THE END of a long, but wonderful journey through Creation to Christ :)

 Aedan completed his memorization of Philippians 2. The CD's really helped him and me (and Silas too for the record) to memorize the whole thing.

He added his final entry to his Travel Log for geography.

We completed our studies about the human body. There weren't really experiments this week. They were more like activities to illustrate how our ears and eyes worked. Nothing picture worthy.

And here is where we part for the year. I'm sure I'll pop in eventually. I need a few good weeks of just hanging out. I still can't believe I'm actually done with the whole year! My husband wasn't sure this whole homeschool experiment wasn't just one of my hobsessions, so every year I finish I take a sigh of relief. I really, actually did it. Hooray!

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