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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I wish there were a phonetic spelling of a cat call. If there were, I would insert it HERE. So basically, I've been coveting a ProClick binding machine for 4 years. Each year I drag all my books that I want the binding removed to the office store, or take the e-books I've printed off to be bound. It's a pain in the apple if you ask me. Each binding removal, and spiral binding is usually about 5 bucks. Every year I tell myself to just bite the bullet and buy a binding machine. This year I came to my senses. This thing most certainly would have paid for itself after 4 years of homeschool with all the printing I do around here!

 Here is a profile shot. Yes, I do realize I'm treating my ProClick like a hunka-hunka burnin' love, but seriously I'm in love. I found the best price for the ProClick at Office Depot, but only in the store. It's $75 online, but $55 in the store.

 They say that they can tell whether a teacher will be succesful by the measure of his/her love of office supplies. I'd say I'd earn an A+++ on that merit.

Here is how she works. I of course have to have an action shot, which is awkward one handed if you ask me. But I'm here for you, o' office supply love kindred spirit. All you do is put your paper in, and zippity-do-da-day the handle right across! Sometimes I get over ambitious and put too many pieces of paper in at once. At that point I have to turn into the Hulk to get it to work. Don't do that. Be nice to your binder friend.

 Here is the result of said Hulk-ing the handle.

This is how the ProClick binding looks. It comes with a handy little key that helps you open and close the binding. You don't have to use it. It took me a while to figure out how it worked. If you never figure out what to do with this do-dah then you can open and close the binding with your pretty little fingers. I like that I can easily open and close the binding if I want to take out or add something.

 Enter cat call HERE.

Oh, you can open the binding on itself because it isn't actually spiral, but rather loops! Puuuurrrty right?

The folks at GBC lie though. When it says 45, 85 or 110 sheets they mean front and back. I don't think they make them higher than 110. I found all of these on Amazon: 45 sheet binding, 85 Sheet Binding, and 110 Navy Blue Binding. For some reason buying black 110 sheet binding will cost you the price of a liver. Don't do it. Just buy blue like I did, and get a manicure with the rest of the dough you would have spent. BTW, you can use regular spiral binding with the ProClick. There are various places you can buy those cheaper than the ProClick bindings. Unfortunately they come in boxes of 100 for the most part, and even I don't need that many!

Just think of what I can do with all those bindings! For now I'm shutting down the printer and calling it a year. I don't ever want to see my printer again (at least for now.) Happy Binding!


  1. I wish my binding did that! After it's bond I'm stuck with it as is. Boo.

  2. Still having a binding machine at all is such a helpful thing when you homeschool! It is a nice thing that it does open though. I've added things to my schedule book that would have been a pain to add otherwise.

  3. I'm sure that this will prove to be a fun tool!

  4. This looks awesome. I spiral bound a lot of things, but never thought I would save by buying a machine, but it does look wonderful! Have you figured out how many you'd have to bind to pay for itself? (Please convince me - I want one!) :)

  5. The binding machine was $55, a box of 2 sets of bindings was around $20. It would take 20ish books to be bound to pay for itself. I have definitely bound that many in 3 years with 10 more years to go. Plus there are tons of things I used to have in bulky binders that I could bind to save space. It's worth it. DO IT! (Says the office supply temptress.) I've been wanting one since Silas was in Kindergarten, and kept spending $20-25 a year binding books. It also saves a trip to the store. I've made bound books of my kids' artwork as well. There are tons of uses other than school for this. Did I convince you?

  6. Yes!! Thank you! We don't have an Office Depot, though, and I cannot find it on Amazon for that price. I have a stack of books ready to bind, though! :)

  7. Is it possible to top bind books with this. I'm thinking of ECC books for making photocopying easier. Can you cut the binder to fit differing sizes or us for one standard size? Thanks.

  8. Actually there is a way to top bind books. You can easily trim the binding to whatever size you need :)

  9. I just have to say, you are awesome!! I love office supplies...and I love that you put binding on the manual and laminated the front and back!!

  10. This post had me laughing out loud - I love your humor!

    I've been thinking about buying my own binder for awhile but recently we moved to Hawaii and there is no office supply store to do it for me! So thank you very much for the review. Do you still like it now?

    You may have just gotten me with using it to bind the kids artwork though, that idea is genius!

    1. Yes! I still love it and use it all the time! It's totally worth the money if you ask me :)


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