My Father's World - MFW ECC Week 1 in Review

Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to our first weekly update in My Father's World ECC! Ok, so I have to admit. I never thought I could love a program as much as I love HOD, but we had such a sweet time in MFW this week. I'm so glad I chose to take a detour off our course through HOD for this one year. It was really fear of the unknown, or fear of the unfamiliar probably. Anyway, this week was so fun! Silas really loved having the book basket books to read. I may have complained about how much time it took to organize those books in my library lists for the year, but I'm seeing it was so worth the time and effort! The next round of books are even more fun. We will add a wonderful read-aloud next week, but this was a gentle nice start for the year.

I can't believe my baby is in 3rd grade. Silas was my first kid home for homeschool in Pre-K. Teaching him that first year made me realize how much fun homeschool could be. So thankful for this kid, and man does he give good hugs!

Our memory verse this week was John 3:16. Our first day of school I cracked open my Beth Moore John study, and wouldn't you guess it? The verses I was supposed to read were John 3:16-21. She implored the readers to read it with fresh eyes and an open heart. While Silas has heard this verse before, it was precious being able to tell him how important this verse was to the whole world. God sent his precious son that he loved so much to the great BIG world. I got so excited that we would get to learn about all those people that God loved so much. What an honor to be able to teach my kids these wonderful truths. 

Our art project was to make a John 3:16 poster. I found these great children of all the beautiful colors of the world at Lakeshore Learning. Silas made the American carry a cell phone. How sad, but true!

Silas did a beautiful job copying our verse of the week for his poster.

We learned about how difficult it is to make a map with the right scale. Silas did his best to draw the continents on a plastic ball.

We then cut it up to show how mapmakers have to do the same if they want to get the scale right.

We learned a lot about map vocablary. Silas showed me the N, S, E & W directional arrows.

We learned how globes are much truer representations of scale. Greenland is the right size on a globe...

...but is HUGE on a flat map.

Silas has really enjoyed his science readings out of Properties of Ecosystems, and The Complete Book of Animals. Our science activity of the week was to make a worm niche.

I guess we could have dug them up, but buying them was much easier! Ewwwwww.....squishy-ishy worms! We got all our materials together.....

...and then this happened! So apparently dry dirt doesn't come out of the bag in nice portions. The WHOLE thing poured out everywhere. Silas looked at me. I looked at him. And then we both died laughing. I think he expected me to be so mad. This was such a great reminder that even adults can make big messes. This is the biggest mess anyone has made in the house in as long as I can remember, for the record. The next day Silas accidentally knocked coffee out of my hand (well because I always have coffee in my hand.) He was very sorry, but I reminded him of my giant mess from the day before and told him we allll do it!

I decided to be smart and let him do the rest. First we added dirt and water. Then we added a layer of sand. I wish I had added a little more, but it was fine.

Then, we added some oats to the top layer.

Last, we added the worms to the top.

Silas was worried I was going to drop his precious worms (after the dirt incident.)

This is what it looked like after we added all the layers.

Then I added parchment paper, poked holes in the top, and attached it with a rubber band.

We then wrapped it with black construction paper because our worm friends like the dark.

This is what it looked like after 1 day. We only had one worm casualty so far. I was a little afraid Silas would get attached to the worms, and they would turn into a mushy moldy mess. I had seen that way too many times on the MFW ECC group. A friend of mine's worms died just this week. We must have accidentally gotten the ratio of water to soil right. No mold yet!

They already made their way down by day 2. Hopefully they survive our little experiment by the end of the week so we can release them to the worm paradise that is our backyard!

For nature study we made a square that was a yard on each side. We got our magnifying glass out to take a closer look.

We discovered an animal home. We're not sure what actually lives in it, but it was cool to see actual evidence of animal activity.

We turned over a leaf, and look what we discovered! A wolf spider with an egg sac. This nature study stuff is not for the faint of heart. Worms and BIG spiders oh my! One suggestion I would make. Don't forget the bug spray. We were bending down looking closely for a little too long apparently. We all got chigger bites. Sigh. At one point a hornet landed on my foot. I screamed, and we all ran for cover. Ha! Homeschoolers have allll the fun! See you all next week!


  1. Aww....tugging on the heart strings and bringing back some fond memories!

    MFW ECC & CtG were two of my favorite years with my older girls. We loved the family time learning together.

    ...and look at you -- on the ball and already blogging your weeks. I'm behind already...hehe!

  2. It was so fun! I think it may be even more fun next week :) I was thinking I may only blog ECC every 2 weeks, but I ended up having too many pictures from just week 1.

  3. I love having your posts to come back to and get another perspective and inspiration. I already love the pace so far.

  4. I look forward to seeing it through your eyes!

  5. This was so fun to read! We're still in the midst of 2nd grade Adventures in US History
    but will be using ECC for 3rd grade. Your post makes me even more excited!

    1. Aww :) It’s fun to know someone else out there will have a fun year with ECC too. This was one of my son’s very favorite years of school :)


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