Our School Room - 2014-2015

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I think we're finally ready for the 2014-2015 school year. I've been working hard organizing our school room for the past few weeks, and I thought I'd share. I apologize for the quality of these pictures. I took them with my phone. None of the pictures are Pinterest worthy. Our school room isn't either, but it is ours, and I am so thankful. We lived in a tiny 3 bedroom ranch for 8 years (which was supposed to be 2 years.) After the trouble of selling it, and gaining so much more space, I wake up each day thanking God for what we do have. 
Hope you enjoy a little glimpse of our little Monarch Room!

I kept living like we wouldn't be here long, and I hadn't yet hung much on the walls. I finally bought some things to brighten the room.

Here's a picture of (some) of my book hoard. Can one ever really have enough books? Being a homeschool mom turned out to be the best collector job in the world. I love when I find these school books upstairs. I catch the boys in the act reading science and (GASP) math books sometimes. Gotta love that! No penny is ever wasted on a good book in my opinion! I'm hoping to replace these cubbies with the IKEA ones soon. The aren't big enough go hold a standing up binder. My husband found the bookshelf on the right at a thrift store for $8 that does hold my binders. I was thrilled about that. When I'm not sick of painting I'll probably spiff it up with some color.

My old calender was getting on my nerves. I had tacked up the dates each month. Most the time we were about 3 months behind in doing so. I bought this Classroom Calendar Kit from Lakeshore Learning. Someone on the MFW ECC FB page suggested this free printable Children of the World Calendar. It will be easier to switch the dates out, but I love that each child represents a country since that is what Silas will be studying this year.

This is our second year using Christian Light materials. I love that they come in slim workbooks. I don't love how they used to look on my shelf. I found these affordable magazine files at Walmart. I had been on the lookout for ones that would be sturdy, and do the job while also looking decent. I haven't labeled them yet. I may need to get a few more of these for their other workbook type stuff.

This is a view of the other side of the room. I'll talk about my new desk below.

Someone on the MFW ECC FB page mentioned these Flags of the World and Children of the World cutouts. These will add to our studies of world geography and cultures. I bought our laminated maps at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon a few years back.

We only have one window downstairs, and it stares at a cement wall. It does add light, but not a beautiful view unless you're sitting in this chair and can see the trees above. I thought I'd cheer this little sad window up with a Monarch Room banner :) It's cuter in person. Man these pictures are so bad ha!

I kept waiting for IKEA to open so I could finally buy proper desks. We just have a mish mash of desks and chairs. I'd really like to get a few IKEA desks and shelves, but I will have to be patient. We finally get one here in the "Fall." No open date has been released yet. In the meantime, I found this desk for $25, and the chair for $10. I love buying and painting old furniture, so this was a perfect project for me. This desk is BIG, and is an office supply hoarders dream. There's tons of space to store all kinds of things!

This is the before and after. I painted it with Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue Paint. No, it's not florescent blue. Sigh. Someday I'm going to live in a home with beautiful light. Until then put on your sunglasses when viewing my pictures! Anyway, this desk weighs as much as an elephant. Friends were going to help, but canceled twice. I, in my apparent lack of a frontal lobe, told my husband that I would move it with him if no one else would. At risk of life and limb, we got this bad boy down the stairs. Maybe that's why it was only 25 bucks ha! I'll be selling this to someone before I move, so that never has to be done by me again. We lost a little paint, but no lives were lost. Amen.

I moved our reading chair to the other side of the room. See our little MFW book basket right next to it? That's where I'll store all our library finds for this year.

I have had those wire wall hanger thingies from IKEA for a while. It's one of those projects I kept putting off. I wish I had displayed the kids beautiful work all along. So happy to have these up. I also had a chalkboard decal for forever too. Are you hearing a theme? Someone in this house is a procrastinator. (Raising hand in shame.) The kids were so happy to draw all over this when I showed them.

The door next to the chalkboard is a great closet. It's actually much bigger than this, but I haven't gotten to the other side. I'll add the picture of it done soon. This is where I store our HOD guides to come, math manipulatives, binders and art supplies.

This is the shelf above. I bought these containers at the Dollar Tree. They hold more office supplies than any sane person needs in their life. I admit I might have a problem.

And this is what it looked like right after I had the bright idea of dumping everything out and putting it back together. I wish I had taken a picture of this at its worst. The whole floor was completely covered. So glad to be done with this monkey on my back. Do you have pictures of your school room to share? I'd love the see them! 

Here's to a great new year! I'll be posting soon with our weekly updates again...I hope!


  1. Our learning areas are not Pinterest worthy either! :) I so loved that you shared and all the little touches you added to make it feel like a home school. :) I have a desk I could paint - I'm tempted! I'm also tempted to ask my husband if I can just make the living room our school room. :) And your last pic - that's what my school office is about looking like!

  2. I'm honestly glad it's just functional. I feel so thankful for the space, shelves, and lots of shelves for books! It makes me so happy to go down there now that it's all ready, but you saw the before picture :)

  3. It is wonderful that you have such a large area to homeschool! You did such a great job and I'm sure that it will be a blessing this coming school year.

    I'm still trying to get organized. I've run out of book shelves ...again. hehe!

  4. Thank you :) Can one ever really have enough bookshelves!?

  5. It looks fabulous!! I too have a book and office supply purchasing problem! We are starting in a few weeks, my school room is a mess! Have a great year!

  6. Mine was a wasteland all summer, so I knooooow you're pain! I look forward to seeing your updates!


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