Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 6 in Review

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life sure has been busy around here. These posts are harder to get to, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up this year. I'm feeling a little weary and in need of a break, but I think all homeschool moms feel that way from time to time. I have 3 more weeks until our first break of the year. I treasure the time I have with my boys, but please know that I like you get tired too. I still have 29 weeks to go too!

 This week we studied the lives of Pope Gregory, Justinian, Mohammed,  and Charles Martel. Aedan seems to be understanding much of his reading. I'm not sure he's loving one of his history books, but I think he will really enjoy Mystery of History when we get to it in a few weeks. It seems to be written in a more conversational way that I think will capture his attention a little more.

Our history project this week was to make bread. Here it is before we put it in the oven. This recipe made a LOT. I kind of wish I would have made smaller buns, and one large loaf. 

We used whole wheat flour, and brushed the tops with butter and honey. It was actually really yummy :)

Aedan wrote 5 scriptures, wrapped them in foil, and placed one in each loaf of bread.

Each scripture reveals Jesus' identity.

We opened all the loaves, and he placed all of them in order.

Aedan is doing a great job on his research question. This week he added Justinian Becomes Emperor, Muhammad Flees Mecca and Charles the Hammer Defeats the Moors to his timeline. I always love his interpretation of these historical figures!

Aedan wrote about Charles the Hammer for his written narration of the week. 

He completed his history notebooking page.

Aedan finished his reading of The Winter's Tale. He thinks Shakespeare is all full of ooey gooey romance.

Aedan learned about the geography of the Islamic Empire during this period.

Aedan studied Dickinson's The moon was but a chin of gold... His interpretation of the moon made me chuckle!

In science we read about the moon. I checked out a bunch of library books to supplement our daily science readings. He's enjoying the extra books.

Aedan has an easier time with his science narrations than his history narrations. He adores science, so he's always engaged. He is also really enjoying his science co-op class each week. I'm so thankful that we have the opportunity to do that this year.

I kind of wimped out on the experiment this week. It was busier than normal. We watched a BrainPop video about how an eclipse happens, and I think it gave him a great understanding. I've been trying to remember to use BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. more these days. It's totally worth the money. We have the app version, so it's a little cheaper of a subscription. That's all for now!

MFW ECC - Week 6 in Review - Mexico

This week we ended our travels in Mexico. I have to tell you. I'm learning so much this year right along with Silas. It's been so fun learning about our neighbor Mexico. We learned how it became a nation, about its history, geography, culture and most importantly the food!
Well, only most importantly maybe to me. I sure love Mexican food!

This week Silas made a Clay Sun Face.

He was pretty proud of his awesome sun!

We also made tissue paper flowers.

To top off our end of the week celebration we bought a traditional Mexican Burro Pinata! This one had trap door pull ribbons. Silas was too tender hearted to let us beat up his little burro, so we just pulled the strings until all the goodies came out.

Friends of ours told us about a great Hispanic grocery store in our city. They drive 30 minutes just to get tortillas because they're made fresh each day.

A very sweet man saw us looking, and offered to give us all samples of the fresh corn tortillas that just came off the belt. It was fun visiting a grocery store in this part of town. It looked just like our grocery store, but had so many interesting things! Here was the selection of dried peppers.

There were cacti. I need to look up how one would eat these!

There were LOTS of peppers!

We had to sample a few Mexican pastries as well. These always look way better than they taste, but we got a few anyway.

Silas celebrated his 9th birthday this week, and I celebrated my 39th. We went out to one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants to sample some different kinds of food.

In science we learned why air is cooler in an oasis by demonstrating transpiration. We put leaves in a bag.

We left them out in the sun to see what would happen. The water was released from the leaves showing us how the air gets cooler.

I failed to get pictures of all of the rest of his work. Next week we are off to Canada! See you soon!

Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 5 in Review

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome to week 5 in HOD RtR! This week we read about the lives of Patrick of Ireland, St. Benedict, Justinian, King Arthur and Gregory the Great.

This week in science our studies centered on our home planet of Earth.

Aedan was supposed to make a model of the earth with candy, chocolate, and graham crackers. I bypassed all that business with Play-Doh instead.

Aedan rolled the inner core, and then added each addition layer.

This was his completed earth.

We cut it open to show all the layers: Red - Inner core, Orange - Outer Core, Yellow - Mantle, Brown - Crust, Blue and Green - Water and Land

I though this might be less messy than the alternative, though I'm sure the alternative would have been fun too!

This is the lab sheet for the above activity.

One of the additional activities in the Apologia book was to make an advertisement for planet Earth.

This is his science notebooking page for the week.

This is his science written narration of the week.

He filled out his timeline with Patrick - Missionary in Ireland, Benedict, and Gregory the Great.

Aedan's written narration was about Pope Gregory and how he didn't want to be pope. This is Gregory running away from his responsibility and the plague infested rat to boot!

Aedan filled out his history notebooking page. The bottom image is of a monastery.

Aedan's history project was to make a grid and follow the directions and place items in their places according to instructions. He did a great job following what he was supposed to do.

Our Shakespeare reading this week was from Winter's Tale.

Our Emily Dickinson Poem of the week was "I never saw a moor."

This week my first born turned 12 this week. I can't believe it! These years sure are flying by. I'm so thankful for all the ways this boy is growing. I'm not ready for him to be this big, but days do have a way of passing whether we're ready or not. I pray this is a great year of growing up and growing closer. See you next week!

MFW ECC - Week 5 in Review - Mexico

This week we crossed the border to Mexico. I didn't anticipate just how much Silas would love our world travels this year. He's having so much fun learning about different cultures and places. Maybe this kid is going to be my little adventurer!
A few weeks ago Silas filled out his passport application. He received it in the mail, and is now ready for his world travels! I printed out a ticket from our home airport to Mexico City!

  My little guy was ready for his flight!

As we crossed the border into Mexico I stamped Silas's passport. It drove him crazy that I opened it up to a random page, and stuck it in crooked like that. I said that's exactly what they do!

We got the currency package from MFW this year. Silas was really excited to be able to exchange his American dollars for Mexican Pesos.

We converted our $20 to Pesos.

Silas enjoyed learning how different places have different money, and thought it was crazy how many pesos he could get for his 20 bucks. He never failed to pay me for his snacks with his pesos each day. He though this was super fun :)

Silas colored his John 3:16 poster for Mexico and learned how to say the verse in Spanish.

We learned some Spanish words, and practiced common sayings. I'd love for my kids to learn Spanish soon. They have cousins who are missionaries in Spain. They would have built in practice.

We are really enjoying our co-op class on Fridays. One of the components is public speaking. Silas at first was horrified that he would have to do this. There were many tears shed, but once we worked together on what to say he did great! I love that the boys will get a chance to public speaking this year. If you can conquer the fear of this as a child, it will be such a useful skill for the future! He chose the topic of Mexico. I was so happy it was a subject he was enjoying enough to choose.

One of the things we will do each week is play MFW's geography game. By the end of the year he will know where all the countries of the world are. I will too! There's geography that even I need to work on! No, we don't leave the house dressed like this FYI ha!

Instead of using the little game pieces that you cut out that came with the game I found these little erasers that make perfect sized game pieces. Silas loved this game!

At first I wasn't going to do any of the pages from Exploring World Geography, but decided to do one a week. This week he found out all the main bodies of water of North America.

In science we learned about the desert biome. Silas colored all the areas in the world that are deserts.

He completed his vocabulary work for Desert...

...and dune.

We read about desert plants and did an activity to show how the cactus changes depending on how much water it carries.

We folded up a bag accordion style to show what a cactus with little water would look like.

Silas then blew up the cactus...

...to show how a cactus expands to hold water.

We learned about cold blooded animals and how they have to move warm themselves in the sun if they get too cold. First we put our turtle in the shade to see what temperature he'd be.

Then we moved him to a sunny place, and he warmed up very quickly.

I am teaching the science class at our local homeschool co-op. Silas is one of my students. This week we had rainbow science! First we learned about what a rainbow was. Then we made a liquid rainbow to show liquid density/viscosity. We also did the exploding milk experiment. It was all sorts of colorful fun! I'm not sure I'll be able to top myself next week.

  • First I colored corn syrup PURPLE with one drop of red and blue food coloring. 
  • Second, I added BLUE dish soap
  • Third, I colored water GREEN and added it.
  • Fourth, I added olive oil which is conveniently YELLOW if you get the cheap stuff
  • Fifth, I colored 70% Isopropel alcohol RED (50% didn't work). I added this slowly with a baster.
The kids thought this was super duper amazing :) There isn't an orange layer, but you can't win em' all!

I love how we're reading straight through Matthew. I like how there was Old Testament reading this week to show where Jesus was quoting from.

I hope you all know we aren't skimping out on our 3 R's. They're just not as fun to take pictures of. This is a picture of Silas doing Life of Fred Farming. He is doing really well in CLE Math, R&S 3 Grammar and Spelling as well as writing in Brave Writer. He's so enjoying reading books from the book basket this year. In fact, he often cheers when it's that time of day. Silas is looking forward to having a Mexican fiesta next week. Until then, adios!
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