Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 2 in Review

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Well, we made it through our second week in HOD RtR. Phew! It has been going much smoother than I expected. We have had to work on our attitudes, mine included, but I guess that's to be expected after a long summer break. Somehow our days aren't as long as last year's. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm comfortable with that. I have lots of books on the shelves that I've been having Aedan read to augment his studies in science and history. We don't have as many pictures for this week, but Aedan has been joining us for many of our MFW ECC activities. He has really enjoyed our MFW storytime book Kingdom Tales. I love that the boys still get to have so many great experiences together whether or not they're in the same curriculum.

Our history project this week was to make a stained glass window. This is where my art hoard comes in handy. I could hear Aedan coloring away on this project. Such a colorful work of art!

First he sketched his design on paper, and then he added white glue to the design. He waited for it to dry, and then applied the pastels.

These are Aedan's history notebooking pages of the week. I always love his timeline pictures :) He kind of skimped on the postcard this week. Next week, I'm going to have him leave the name off, so he can fit more info.

This week we read about Anthanasius, Basil the Great, Emperor Valens, Emperor Jovian, and Bishop Ambrose. Aedan's written narration was about Augustine. He always tends to find humor in the stories somehow. A+ for giving the teacher a good laugh!

Each week Aedan will map areas that we are studying, and answer questions about a notable figure.

Aedan is enjoying his study of Shakespeare. I love this element of this year's work!

A very generous mom made these poetry pages. This week our poem was "I'll tell you how the sun rose..." Aedan is usually very creative, but he really struggled with coming up with a title. As spatial as he his, and creative with drawing, sometimes verbal pictures are harder for him to grasp. This will be a good study for him I think.

We read about the sun and solar eclipses. We demonstrated how a solar eclipse occurs for our science activity this week.

This picture makes me die laughing. Silas was holding the flashlight, and Aedan was holding the ball. I was holding the camera of course, and couldn't get a good picture. This is him straining to keep the ball in the air because it took me forever to get a good picture in the dark. Ha!

Each week Aedan has to write a written narration for science. Every other week he also has vocabulary words as well.

This was our final science notebooking page of the week.
2 weeks down! 32 to go!


  1. Looks so wonderful! Are you combining Hod with MFW?

  2. Thank you so much <3 It has been a great year in RtR! I am doing MFW ECC with my youngest and HOD RtR with my oldest. I was taking a break from HOD for my little guy because he wasn't yet ready for Preparing. We will return to HOD next year and use it for the long haul God willing :)


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