Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 3 in Review

Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome to week 3 in RtR! I can't believe we've already made it through 3 weeks of school. I tend to over-think things a little (though you've probably noticed that already.) I am always worried when we start a new year, and have been working in my mind on how the pieces will all fit together. I don't know why I worry so much. I used to worry that middle school would be waaaay too hard for me to teach, but I'm finding the opposite. It actually gets easier. Well, let me qualify. The teaching gets easier. The parental wisdom I need increases with each year to say the very least. Anyway, I'm happy with how the school part is going. I realize more with each year that I'm alive on God's green earth, that I have a whole LOT to learn about pretty much everything. Without His help I'd be a great big ol' mess for sure! I'm thankful for His mercies being new every morning :)

This week learned about the lives of John Chrysostom, Emperor Valens, Jerome, Emperor Theodosius, and Alaric the Visgoth. There was no art project other than making an New Testament parchment.

We crumbled up a piece of paper and dipped it in coffee to make it look old. Then Aedan wrote Matthew 16:26 in Greek and English.

Aedan researched Constantinople, and completed his timeline entries. He usually comes up with his own ideas for what to draw.

Aedan's written narration this week was about Alaric the Visigoth.

He recorded info he read about Emperor Theodosius.

Aedan studied Mercury this week. I'm feeling like the science is lacking, so I've added in additional reading from books I've found on my own shelves and from the library. Our experiment this week was to learn how craters formed on the surface of Mercury.

We found rocks of different sizes.

Aedan dropped each one in, and we carefully removed each one to see the crater left behind.

This was our final crater surface after dropping different sized rocks from varying heights.

This is Aedan's lab sheet for the above activity.

Day 1 science notebooking page.

Aedan is getting better at writing longer narrations. I'm hoping this will continue to improve.
We had our first day of co-op. The kids had a great time! After we went to one of our favorite farms to pick apples and see the animals.

See you next week!

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