Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 4 in Review

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We have officially made it through a whole month of school! It is flying by! So far things are running smoothly. I feel like we've found a good routine, and we are all enjoying our studies. Of course there is grumbling every once in a whole over math. I keep praying that one day all my "You can do this!" catches up :)  This week we studied the Goths, Vandals, Attila the Hun, Theodoric, and Clovis king of the Franks.

Our history project was to pay a game called "Race to Rome." We were supposed to make game pieces out of mushed up bread and paint, and well......that just didn't happen. Fortunately my husband came and rescued the day and played this game with Aedan. I've always been verbal instruction challenged. By the end of each day my brain is sizzled. He quickly explained the game, and off they went.

It was so much better for me to let those 2 guys play together.

Look, they might have actually even had fun!

And guess who won!?

This is where I censor my son's work. There have been a lot of warnings on the readings this year. These were not tame times in history. There are a lot of axes and blood. As you can see on the bottom, something is being hurled and meeting its mark. I talked to Aedan and reminded him that we need to be more sensitive with our drawings. He of course is all boy, but he agreed.

We learned about the life of Clovis I this week who is actually a distant ancestor of mine. I had traced my lineage all the way back to 12th century Europe at one point. I am French, Irish and English on my mom's side. It was fun reading about an ancestor of mine in our history book, even if he wasn't  necessarily the nicest guy in the world. Whether his conversion was sincere or not, it was interesting to read about.

Aedan filled in facts about Attila the Hun and located areas of interest on the map.

I love that Aedan gets to read Shakespeare each week. He says someone is always in love in Shakespeare's writings. That is often true!

Our poem of the week was "A thought went up my mind today..." by Emily Dickinson Aedan is having a harder time understanding the poetry of Dickinson more than poets we've studied in year's past. I'm hoping he connects with it eventually.

We read all about Venus this week in science. We learned how Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system.

Our experiment was to learn what happens to molten rock. We placed flour on a plate, and put a ramekin on top.

We heated up butter to represent lava.

Aedan carefully poured it onto the ramekin and watched the streams of lava flow.

We may have used to much butter because the streams all collected together.

We were supposed to find out what happens to lava after it cools, and of course it turns into rock.

Aedan illustrated his experiment here. I am going to start requiring him to write more each week. He's been trying to skip out on writing, but I'm onto him!

This is one of his science notebooking pages of the week. He illustrated what the surface of Venus looks like.

He is getting better about writing more for his written narrations for science. He doesn't enjoy looking up vocabulary words, but I'm glad he's getting this practice. That's all for now. See you soon!


  1. Finding youre related to a major historical person is an amazing tie in! How cool! We learned we're related to the Welshman that killed King Richard and let Henry Tudor take the throne in the War of the Roses. I love the poetry page...is that included with the HOD package or is it one you created? I'm a long time HODie but have been away for a few years, with one probably going back soon and starting with this level. :)

    1. Whoa that's cool! I love finding stuff out like that! The poetry pages were created by another mom. I found them in the files on the HOD RtR page, but I can send them to you if you shoot me an email. We are in our second time around in RtR. I am enjoying seeing it all through my youngest' eyes. I hope you enjoy it too!

    2. We love ancestry already, so that was probably the coolest discover yet! Can't wait to study that time in history with the kids and make that personal connection like your family did! Is the HOD RtR page on FB? I'll send you an email in case I don't find the group. It looks like a fantastic addition :) Can I ask you how long your HOD day takes at this level?

    3. Yes the HOD RtR group is on Facebook. You should be able to find the link by searching or by finding the HOD Publishing group (not main page.) Our days usually start around 8 and end by 12:30 at this stage. Sometimes we may save a cooking project for the evening. We don't do the scheduled IEW writing or HOD science. We did RtR science with CtC last year. This year we subbed in Apologia anatomy because that's what he really wanted to learn :)


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