MFW ECC - Week 4 in Review - United States

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We completed our final week on our tour of the USA. We have had so much fun touring the United States these past few weeks. All I kept thinking was, "Boy do I have a whole lot more road trips I want to take!" The USA is full of beautiful places and history to experience. While we can't always travel to all the beautiful places in the world, or experience every culture (yet anyway), it has really opened up our minds and hearts to the world. We haven't even scratched the surface yet of this great big world. We haven't even left the U.S. yet on our travels! I already have a terrible wander lust. This might just fuel it a little more. So fun learning along side my little guy!

We had our first official co-op day. I so enjoyed having Silas and his little best friend along with so many other beautiful and inquisitive students. It's so fun teaching 1-3rd graders things that to us may seem simple. It was fun hearing the giggles as I showed the kids how I looked behind the lens of a magnifying glass. I can't wait until we get to learn something new next week as well. It's been hard giving up our 5th day, but driving away the boys declared that they couldn't wait to go back. That makes it all worth it!

In science for the past few weeks we have learned about forest biomes. We learned about coniferous and deciduous forests. We made a fall tree in honor of the coming autumn and of our study of trees this week.

I found this simple little project on pinterest. You take a toilet paper roll, and fold it so there is a leaf shape.

It makes a perfect leaf stamp!

Silas had fun stamping all the pretty fall colors over his tree trunk.

He then painted the inside of the leaves with a brush. We live right next to a beautiful deciduous forest. I can't wait until the leaves turn all the shades of autumn!

We use our Trees of Missouri Field Guide to fill out our Properties of Ecosystems science sheet.

In geography Silas had to color all the states only using 4 colors without allowing any of the same colors to touch. He got tripped up in Oregon and Washington, but otherwise did a great job!

We will fill out a flag sheet for every country we visit. This week Silas completed his U.S.A flag sheet and entered in facts we found in one of our books.

Each week we have 2 geography words. Silas has fun illustrating these pages each Monday and Tuesday.

He always adds his own little touches.

This year we will be reading through the book of Matthew. This week our verse was the most important birth announcement ever made.

Silas and I are really enjoying reading from Hero Tales. This week we read about the brave Harriot Tubman, and her contribution to the end of slavery. We read about how she was compassionate for standing between a slave master and a runaway slave, even enduring a terrible injury to do so.

We read about how she was joyful. Silas's silly illustration is him being so joyful when our monarch caterpillar emerged from his chrysalis. I will be writing about that sometime this week. Best science experiment ever!

We read about how Harriet persevered even when traveling along the underground railroad was terribly hard and dangerous. I look forward to reading more stories about these heroes of the faith!

We'll see you next week! Next stop: Mexico!


  1. Looks like your school year is going good so far! I love reading your updates. Brings back such fond memories.

    You are so diligent in posting and I hope that I can keep up this year with documenting our full year.

    ~btw, I noticed in your sidebar that my feed is not updating -- there was a gliche of some sort and I have a different feed (if you wanted to fix it)--new feed is in my sidebar.

  2. Oh thanks for letting me know! I'll try and update it :) I had a moment where I almost decided to ditch these posts. Life has gotten busier, but I do love being able to look back. I hope we can make a lot of great memories this year for both boys .


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