MFW ECC - Week 6 in Review - Mexico

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This week we ended our travels in Mexico. I have to tell you. I'm learning so much this year right along with Silas. It's been so fun learning about our neighbor Mexico. We learned how it became a nation, about its history, geography, culture and most importantly the food!
Well, only most importantly maybe to me. I sure love Mexican food!

This week Silas made a Clay Sun Face.

He was pretty proud of his awesome sun!

We also made tissue paper flowers.

To top off our end of the week celebration we bought a traditional Mexican Burro Pinata! This one had trap door pull ribbons. Silas was too tender hearted to let us beat up his little burro, so we just pulled the strings until all the goodies came out.

Friends of ours told us about a great Hispanic grocery store in our city. They drive 30 minutes just to get tortillas because they're made fresh each day.

A very sweet man saw us looking, and offered to give us all samples of the fresh corn tortillas that just came off the belt. It was fun visiting a grocery store in this part of town. It looked just like our grocery store, but had so many interesting things! Here was the selection of dried peppers.

There were cacti. I need to look up how one would eat these!

There were LOTS of peppers!

We had to sample a few Mexican pastries as well. These always look way better than they taste, but we got a few anyway.

Silas celebrated his 9th birthday this week, and I celebrated my 39th. We went out to one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants to sample some different kinds of food.

In science we learned why air is cooler in an oasis by demonstrating transpiration. We put leaves in a bag.

We left them out in the sun to see what would happen. The water was released from the leaves showing us how the air gets cooler.

I failed to get pictures of all of the rest of his work. Next week we are off to Canada! See you soon!


  1. Happy Birthday to you both. How fun to get the warm tortillas off the belt! We got to see Mission Tortillas being made at a factory and yum :)

  2. Tara, I have been following you for what seems forever. We used MFW for K, 1st and Adventures. We then used HOD for Bigger and now are using Preparing with my 8.5 and 9.5 yr old. It is working well but I'm contemplating separating my 2 kiddos next year. The only reason being that I believe it will help foster some independence. Do you think that MFW Countries and Cultures would work well for a 4th grader (after utilizing HOD Preparing) as it stands or do you think there would be things you would add/take away? I know it's crazy of me to even begin thinking about next school year but that is who I am and what I have always done. :-) My poor obsessive personality.


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