My Father's World - MFW ECC - Week 2 in Review

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to our My Father's World ECC Week 2 in Review! I have to say I am loving ECC. I really feel like Silas is engaged and really learning. Maybe he's just getting older and has a greater base of knowledge, but more importantly the spiritual content has been so sweet. I cry every time I read our storytime book Kingdom Tales. I had heard this was a love or hate book. I can see why people might give up on it because the first few chapters are pretty intense if you have a sensitive child. If that's you, give it a little more time. It's totally worth it! Aedan overhead me reading to his little brother, and now he won't let me read it without him. I love that :)

Our art project was to make a Hands Across the World paper dolls. The exposure on this picture stinks, but you get the idea hopefully :) This is where my spatial skills were tested. It took us 3 times before we were able to keep the hands joined. We persevered and eventually got it right!

We learned about latitude and longitude. This activity showed helped us understand how scale is translated to a smaller area.

We traced Silas's hand on the bigger grid, and then he copied those lines onto the smaller grid.

I almost skipped this activity, but I'm so glad I didn't. My husband happened to be home that day, and I recruited him for help. He did way more than I would ever have, so it made it especially fun. We made a map of our neighborhood, and had a treasure hunt.

Here's our treasure map.

My husband made clues that would direct Silas north, south, east and west.

This is the grill I obviously need to clean!

North the the bird feeder!

West to the cup on the ledge!

South to the dirt hills!

And there it is!

X marks the spot!

This is the part of homeschool I love so much...

...seeing this kind of joy :) is where I hang my head in shame. I actually am a good cake maker. I really am! I had ambitious hopes of making the best world cake ever! Silas asked me every day if we were going to get to do it. I found instructions on how to make a 3-D world cake. Normally I would make my cake from scratch, but I took the shortcut on this one. I had a virtuous moment of buying natural food dye. Let me tell you about "natural" food dye. Blue = Dingy gray. Green = Sewage green. Hmm....Not what I was going for. Anyway, this is where I threw my granola hair back and said to heck with it.

This is the interlude where in my mind my cake is turning out so amazing. It wins the ooooohs and aaaaahs of my kids and all their little friends. Wellll.......wait for it.......WAIT for it......

TA DAAAA! Here is where I was tempted to lie and say that my sons piped on the continents, but nope. This was my fabulous handywork. I won't go into the excuses why it looks like a bad day at a wax museum, but to my credit I couldn't find my cake decorating set. Give me a break people! Do I get an A for effort at least?

All that matters I suppose is that my kids though this cake was AMAZING. Ha! Kids can be so kind. Here's what was supposed to be my amazing chocolate rock candy core. I have to say I "nailed it!"

In science we read about the water cycle.

We dug up a piece of sod, which by the way is no small task. I had to axe that bad boy outta there, but we triumphed. No piece of sod is any match to a determined Puerto Rican homeschooler.

We added dirt and water to the bottom of a jar, and added a lid to mimic how the water cycle works.

By the next day clouds were forming.

We've done this experiment before, but not this variation. My neighbor asked what I was brewing over in our jar. #homeschoolneighbor strikes again!

BTW, Brainpop Jr. has had a video on almost every topic that we've studied. I like that you can subscribe monthly now instead of paying the whopping subscription price all at once.

My kids love Moby, so it's worth it. I may go ahead and subscribe to Brain Pop for older kids as well.

This is what our worm niche looked like after a week. I had heard of mold growing and turning into a goopy stinky mess. We were hoping we hadn't killed all our worms. I read of people keeping their worms in the fridge. Next time I may have to do that. 

Fortunately they were able to burrow down, and keep cool. The test would be when we dumped them out to see if there were any casualties.

Hurray! No worm deaths committed here at Monarch room. They all squiggled away. We watched the Squirmy Worm Wild Kratts video to celebrate.

These are his science lab sheets for the worms. This is the before...

....and after picture of what our niche looked like in the end.

We also read about the different biomes of the world, and Silas colored in the different areas on the map.

For nature study we went to our local nature sanctuary. We live right next to a wooded area, but I love how some of the trees are labelled here. We still had to look up many things to see what they were.

I was happy to see a bee buzzing around.

We saw many different kinds of spider webs.

We spied many, many beautiful wildflowers.

We found a cicada's molted shell. I think that's what this is anyway!

We also saw a live one as well!

Aedan has an incredible eye for wildlife. He spots everything! I think it's because he knows what everything is. That kid is a smart cookie. This is apparently a golden orb weaver according to my son.

I highly recommend getting the Trees of (your state here) book. There is also a bird book of this series too. There's something wonderful that happens when you can walk through a forest and name the trees, flowers and birds. I think that's why God gave Adam the task of naming the animals. You have a harder time ignoring the song of a little bird once you know it's the sound of a black capped chikadee or a tufted titmouse.

Like I said some of the trees were labeled.

We found a persimmon tree and here is its fruit.

This place is so beautiful. Its just like these rolling plains and forests would have looked like had we not built so much. Now I sound like John Denver. Pardon me. I just can't help it. God's creation is just so magnificent wouldn't you agree?

We made a tree rubbing, and came home and identified the trees we had found. So fun! That's all for this week. See you next time!

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