MFW ECC - Week 3 in Review - United States

Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome to our MFW ECC United States edition! This week we traveled the good ol' US of A. I've so enjoyed our studies, and seeing Silas really get into the things we've been learning. I so look forward to opening his eyes to the whole world of not only God's creation, but also of his many different people and cultures.

Our art project was to make a sand painting in honor of the U.S.'s Native Americans.

First Silas sketched his design. The directions call for using sand (hard to find without stealing it from the park if you live in the midwest FYI.)

Instead of being a sand thief, I found this great already colored sand at Hobby Lobby. I used a coupon. Totally worth the money! Silas was so excited to have this sand to use for future projects. My art supply hoard is growing!

For each new country we study there will be a John 3:16 sheet to color. Silas has never loved to color, but I asked him to do his best work anyway. I think he did a nice job :)

We labeled our North America map.

We will be reading through the book of Matthew this year, so we made a Matthew bookmark that is written in Greek.

We started our readings in Hero Tales. The first person we studied was Dwight Moody. We will study the character traits of each Hero. We learned Moody was bold in sharing the gospel.

We learned how he had to pray for God's strength to continue to preach the gospel even though his health was failing. I love the pictures. So adorable seeing these through a kid's eyes :)

We learned about how Moody repented for desiring to make money above other things. He chose instead that sharing the gospel was the most valuable thing.

For nature study we took a walk and talked about tree parts.

Silas labeled his illustration.

In science we have been reading about the different kinds of forests. Silas labeled where evergreen, deciduous and mountain forests are in the world.

Each week there are 2 geography vocabulary words. We do one each day, so Silas has less to draw and write.

I thought his little isthmus picture was pretty cute!

We had a great first day of co-op and a fun trip to the apple farm! Silas was so kind. I'm teaching his science class of 1-3rd graders. He said one of his favorite parts was that I was his teacher. He melts this mama's heart :) See you soon!

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