FIAR Clown of God - MFW ECC Italy - Week 16

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This week we were supposed to be studying Germany. Silas had so much in France that he requested to take a trip to Italy. We decided to condense our studies in Germany for one week instead of two and fit Italy in. I got out our FIAR manual and found Clown of God takes place in Renaissance Italy, so we took a little detour to the boot of Europe.

Every time we go to a new country we cross the border, I print out an airline ticket and then stamp Silas's passport. After we rowed The Glorious Flight we got this sweet little cardboard airplane. Now Silas doesn't jump across the border....

He flies!

He wanted to make sure I included his flight to Italy pictures :)

This week instead of following ECC plans for Germany, we read Clown of God and also checked out other library books on Italy. Mostly we wanted to study Italy because of the food. We LOVE to eat. Maybe you've noticed :)

We headed to an authentic Italian market, and I found one of my favorite things. How can you not smile with barrels of wonderful olives to choose from!? I forgot to take a picture of our stop at the pizza place. What tour of Italy would be complete with out pizza?

There was a wonderful selection of Italian cookies and treats.

Silas chose the chocolate crescents. Aedan chose chocolate dipped raspberry sandwich cookies, and of course I chose cannoli. They were the BEST!

Our ECC books Children's Atlas of God's World and Another Trip Around the World had lots of info on Italy. I didn't get any pictures of our lapbook, but we did get one done. On to Germany next week!

Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 16 in Review

Well lookie here...I actually have a week in review on time!
This week we our studies focused on a famous explorer by the name of Christopher Columbus.

Our history project of the week was to make hard tack sea biscuits. We had discussed these on our HOD FB group, and I thought maybe I could skip these.  Another mom encouraged us to go ahead and do it. All they are is water, salt and flour. The sailors ate these to fill their bellies on their long journeys. No wonder they got scurvy!

You were supposed to cook the for an hour. I cooked them about 10 minutes less. Silas thought they couldn't possibly be good and that they looked like our salt dough we use for lots of other projects. Basically it is the same recipe!

Aedan is always excited when we get to eat our school projects. He dumped honey on them and thought they were good. This boy will make a good husband someday when dinner doesn't turn out so well.

Aedan has always been a big reader, so he has already formed opinions on Columbus. I had him read Columbus by D'Aulaire to see how he would feel about it. He said, "Yeah. This book pretty much says Columbus was a good guy." He feels Columbus's treatment of the natives was pretty bad. I have to agree.

This is Aedan's timeline and research for the week. He has gotten pretty good about finding the info he needs to find for his research questions.

What some books say about Columbus vs. Real Columbus.

We also learned about Lorenzo de Medici.

This was Aedan's mapwork of the week.

He mapped some of the other early explorer's routes around the world.

We studied the art of Sandro Botticelli.

In science we learned about the different layers of the atmosphere. The kids always love when science turns into snack time! Our stratosphere got lost somehow, but you get the idea.

We dumped out all the ingredients and added butter and eggs. I wasn't sure these were going to turn out because you normally cream the eggs and butter with the sugar.

They were actually pretty good!

This is Aedan's drawing of his experiment. That is our week! How was yours?

Five in a Row - The Glorious Flight

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our second week in France we rowed The Glorious Flight. This book is about a very determined man named Louis Blériot who was the first man to fly across the English Channel. His try, try again attitude kept him working until he accomplished his goal.

We have an Airline Museum here in KC. I had planned just to drive the kids through the old airport when we discovered it. I was so excited to have something for the kids to see and experience!

They had plenty of airplanes for us to view up close.

The tour guide was a retired TWA man who knew a lot about airplanes. We asked if he knew anything about Louis Blériot, but he didn't. I was hoping he might.

There were plenty of things to look at at this little museum. The guide even asked my boys questions and was surprised they knew some of the answers. 

We got to go into one of the planes!

I don't know how different more modern planes are, but this one had some interesting relics.

The very best part about studying France is the food. There is a cute little creperie in town that I've always wanted to try.

There were so many choices. It was really hard to choose!

We learned the hard way that they don't skimp on portions, and we could of easily shared. I won mom of the year award when I let Aedan eat desert for lunch. Don't judge. An kiss from a tweenager is worth its weight in gold. Aedan chose chocolate, and Silas had a breakfast crepe. He especially loved the hollandaise sauce which he kept calling holynesian sauce. Either way, he insists I teach him how to make it.

I had a smoked salmon crepe, and my husband had the same thing as Silas. I wish we had split one savory and one sweet. We must go back. So good!

The FIAR recipe was for French Onion Soup which I adore. I decided to torture my kids with onion soup.

That was a LOT of onions!

It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

I have had this little cardboard airplane in my Amazon cart all year. I wanted to have it to fly to the countries. I finally got it!

There is a new addition to our little school. She didn't have a name for a month. We just couldn't agree. When we read Madeline's Rescue there was a dog named Genevieve, so that's the name that stuck. Jenny for short :) Now we will always remember our French adventure.

This is Silas hard at work with his lapbook flag of France.

This is our lapbook for The Glorious Flight. I bound it with my ProClick. Thank you so much for reading about our week. See you soon!

Five in a Row - Madeline

These past few weeks we took a detour into Five in a Row. I love all things French, so I thought it would be fun to row a few books in France. We did FIAR in Pre-K. It is written for K-3, but I just didn't know how to see this as legitimate school. My thinking has changed so much since that first year. These early years is really about teaching that learning is all about fun and exploring, teaching that books are wonderful, and spending time together is the cherry on top! I wish I had stuck with it for a while. Back then I didn't have to confidence to know how to plan it, and I wasn't sure it was "enough." I grieve not continuing it as I look at blogs who have homeschool moms really bringing these books to life. Michele over at Delightful Learning is a pro at making school fun :) You should check out her droves of FIAR posts.

We had SO much fun with Madeline. We did this along side our MFW France studies. It didn't add too much time, but it added a LOT of fun! We actually did this back in Pre-K, but I'm not sure I did it justice. I wasn't sure if my boy would like reading a story about a little French girl, but boy was I wrong! Not only did my 9 year old enjoy it, even Aedan my big boy, would stop his studies to hear the story read. I checked out several different Madeline books from the library. Forgive the pictures. Many were taken with my phone, but they are wonderful memories nonetheless.

In France we must study the famous arteeeest Monet, 
so we make our own version of Water Lilies.  

We used painter's tape to make a bridge and covered it with bingo blotter dots.

 We live near a great museum that actually has a few Monet paintings. This is Mill at Limetz by Monet.

Usually the Water Lillies painting is not roped off but it was when we visited. Bad mobile phone pic, but you get the idea :) At least we got to see it!

 We visited the impressionist section at the museum.

 Silas enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to study the details.

 We stopped in the medieval section for Aedan's sake :)

 There are so many magnificent works at our museum. They never get old.

 This is probably one of the most famous paintings at the museum, so I snapped a pic. It isn't a French artist (Caravaggio was Italian), but since we're studying Europe it counts right? This is Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness by Caravaggio. I think it's pretty amazing :)

 What museum trip would be complete without a trip to the fancy courtyard for a delicious treat? These chocolate croissants were amazing!

We have loved all the French food we get to try!

 Even Eddie came for the trip.

Of course when studying France, one must sample fancy cheese and chocolate no? We have a fabulous store that lets you sample cheese from all over the world.

Chocolate? Yes, please! I read French Women Don't Get Fat a few years back. I wasn't a chocolate lover then, but the way she described her mother eating chocolate sent me on a quest to learn to eat dark chocolate like a French woman. Valrhona is as good as it gets, and now I am a true woman who loves Chocolate as I should :)

 Silas's least favorite was goat cheese. He was up in arms for quite a while about that. He loved Swiss and gouda the best. 

 This is such a fun store. Silas asked if we could stay forever. He said, "Man...cheese really does make the world go round!"

Oh yes I did, and it was worth every penny!

This was Silas's cheese choice of all the samples we tried was Indiana Sweet Swiss. Yum!

He forbade any of us from having any. Aedan doesn't like cheese anyway, and I'm not easily forbidden. He shared with me in the end.

A sweet friend sent me a Starbucks gift certificate (thanks Michelle!), so while I enjoyed my coffee, the kiddos got to have a Madeline (I might have snagged the third one.)

 We built an Eiffel Tower out of marshmallows and skewers.

 Hmmm.....our engineering skills may need a little practice!

This time instead of a lap book made out of file folders I used my handy-dandy ProClick to bind one. I used card stock, and it worked perfectly!

We got all these elements over at Homeschool Share. I love how much you can glean from one simple picture book. If you're looking, there is always something to learn.

You can watch Madeline on YouTube. The kids got a kick out of these videos. We sang these songs all week. So catchy! Hope you enjoyed the look at our Tour de France! Au Revoir!

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