FIAR Clown of God - MFW ECC Italy - Week 16

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This week we were supposed to be studying Germany. Silas had so much in France that he requested to take a trip to Italy. We decided to condense our studies in Germany for one week instead of two and fit Italy in. I got out our FIAR manual and found Clown of God takes place in Renaissance Italy, so we took a little detour to the boot of Europe.

Every time we go to a new country we cross the border, I print out an airline ticket and then stamp Silas's passport. After we rowed The Glorious Flight we got this sweet little cardboard airplane. Now Silas doesn't jump across the border....

He flies!

He wanted to make sure I included his flight to Italy pictures :)

This week instead of following ECC plans for Germany, we read Clown of God and also checked out other library books on Italy. Mostly we wanted to study Italy because of the food. We LOVE to eat. Maybe you've noticed :)

We headed to an authentic Italian market, and I found one of my favorite things. How can you not smile with barrels of wonderful olives to choose from!? I forgot to take a picture of our stop at the pizza place. What tour of Italy would be complete with out pizza?

There was a wonderful selection of Italian cookies and treats.

Silas chose the chocolate crescents. Aedan chose chocolate dipped raspberry sandwich cookies, and of course I chose cannoli. They were the BEST!

Our ECC books Children's Atlas of God's World and Another Trip Around the World had lots of info on Italy. I didn't get any pictures of our lapbook, but we did get one done. On to Germany next week!


  1. A taste of Italy! -- love learning this way :)

  2. Stopping by to Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you! Wishing the same to you!

  4. Love how he flies over the boarder! Too cute! The food looks fabulous - I think that's always one of my favorite things about a row, but your food is over the top!

    I didn't love this book, in fact I hated it, but it looks like you had fun with it. :)

  5. Hi there, I discovered your blog via an HOD fb group. Such a fun, wonderful recap of your homeschooling adventures!! We LOVE HoD and I'm running two guides but my 7 year old just finished up one and I don't want to start her on the next quite yet. Am thinking about pulling out FIAR an adding in other things. So are you doing MFW with FIAR? It looks neat but not sure I want to buy the whole set of ECC just to do six months or so of something you think I could incorporate just parts of it into FIAR? Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless your homeschooling :)

  6. Alisha - We aren't doing FIAR every week. I just wanted to add a little fun to some of the countries we were studying. There are a handful of FIAR books that are set in the various countries we will travel to with ECC, so I thought it would be fun to use FIAR a little while longer while I still could. It's such a sweet program, and both my boys (even the big one) love when we get to embellish our book readings like this :) I have a few more FIAR books I'll pull out for Asia. I am sad we are outgrowing FIAR! Thank you so much for visiting ❤️!

    Michelle - We alread rowed Papa Piccolo. Clown of God isn't my favorite of all FIAR books, but it was the only other one for Italy. My son was sad at the ending. I had the thought that I should have just redone Papa Piccolo.


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