Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Weeks 7-15 in Review

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Well hello there! I never assume anyone in the world even reads our little blog, but just in case you do I thought I'd update you. This has been a busier season than most for us. We are enjoying our Friday Co-Op, but it has left me less time to maintain my weekly updates. I hope you'll forgive me. We are still homeschooling our hearts out in our little corner of the woods. I would love to start back with our updates, so maybe catching up will give me a little inspiration. This will be a review in pictures. I'm not sure they're even in the right order, but maybe you will enjoy them nevertheless. Aedan really enjoyed his studies in the Middle Ages. Last week we entered the Renaissance period which he is likes a lot so far. Hopefully I will let you in on more of the specifics next week :) Here are just a few of the activities we have enjoyed over these last weeks.

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