HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 19 in Review

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to our week 19 in review! We are loving our new study of Greece. I wasn't sure how well Aedan would do with the new history books because they were written long ago. I'm always so amazed at how much he retains from his readings. He is really interested in learning about the Greeks. I think he really identifies with their love of art and science. He is loving reading about the myths. This is turning out to be a great year :)

We're back to our watercolor projects. This week our poem was "The Birthplace" by Robert Frost.

I really love how this one turned out. We are definitely mountain lovers in our family.

Aedan wrote about the Olympics for his copywork. It's so fitting that we would be studying Greece right now as the Olympics are just about to begin. Aedan of course has to add his humor to his work. He drew Medusa turning the runner to stone ha!

Aedan wrote about Xerxes' army for his his written narration.

I can't wait to see what these notebooking pages look like in a few years. I love that HOD gives my artists lots of opportunity to practice. Aedan added Olympic Games in Olympia, Solon's laws reform Athens, and Battle of Marathon for his timeline.

Aedan listened to the What in the World? audio about the Persian empire and Xerxes.

Aedan drew a picture of a Greek soldier with direction from Draw and Write through History.

We continue our study of Egypt in A Child's Geography. I love his picture of the Sphinx ha!

In science we learned how a plant's xylem tubes carrier nutrients to the stems and leaves of the plant. We chose to modify the experiment.

This is Aedan's illustration of the above experiment.

Aedan is enjoying the change of pace with his new plant science book.

I love that his love of science is being nurtured everyday with great books and activities.

That wraps it up! How was your week?

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 19 in Review

We have left the Pilgrims behind, and have moved forward into studying children of the colonial days. Silas has been enjoying the readings of our new history book. We had to stop, and he asked if we could read a little more. This week we read about a girl named Remember Biddle. She was left home to take care of things and had quite an adventure. My boys always notice just how much harder the children of long ago worked. It's always a good lesson in thankfulness when we realize just how blessed we are with so many modern conveniences.

We read about how Remember scrubbed the floor and then sprinkled a pretty salt pattern on the floor. Silas went to town when I told him to make a pattern.

I should have told him that the pattern needed to be simple enough to add glue and salt. We ended up using glitter, and he was really happy with his design :)

Remember was a very can-do kind of girl. She ran out of work and decided to make soap on her own which was no small task. I learned how to make soap with lye a few years ago, but I could buy my lye at the store. Remember had to make it from ashes. An Indian man came to her door with 2 turkeys. He was fascinated with the soap she had made, and traded her some soap for the turkeys he had brought.

Silas copied our poem of the week "Monday's Child."

Silas is doing really well with his Bible memory work. When we do review week, I'm always so impressed with how many he still remembers from the beginning of the year.

In science we read about time, and how the sun doesn't really go down.

We demonstrated how night and day happen because of the spinning of the globe. I don't know why I take these pictures in the dark. Sorry it's so blurry. You get the idea though right?

Silas illustrated and explained the above activity on his science lab sheet.

We read about how the Puritans were called to worship each Sabbath with the beating of a drum. In science we read about how our ears hear and process sound. I blindfolded Silas, and he had to determine where the sound was coming from.

At first he had his ears open and was able to locate the source of the sound. Next we plugged his ears, and he wasn't able to locate accurately where the sound was coming from.

I thought Silas did a nice job of explaining what happened :)

We are almost done with our study of animals in Elemental Science. This week we read about shellfish, shrimp, lobsters and spiders. Our experiment was to show how a spider knows what has been caught in her web. I tied a string from a chair to a door handle.

I had Aedan pluck the string at one end while Silas kept his hand on the string at his end. He plucked it gently at first to show what it would feel like for a tiny insect to have been caught in a web. A spider would ignore this. Then I had him pluck it more wildly. A spider would hide if this happened because it would get injured if its catch was too big.

Then I had Aedan pluck it moderately. This sized insect would be just right, and the spider would wrap her meal in silk.

Thanks for visiting :) How was your week?

Heart of Dakota Beyond - BLHFHG - Week 18 in Review

Friday, January 17, 2014

We have reached the hump in our school year. Yay! It's always nice reaching the halfway mark, and feeling like spring is closer than it is far away. We've had some pretty cold days here in the Midwest, so any dreams of green returning always helps me endure a cloudy day.

We only have 2 more readings out of Stories of the Pilgrims. A lot of people start tiring of the book by this point. We have enjoyed our readings, but we are definitely ready for a new book. This week we continued reading about the Pilgrim boys Joseph and Isaac and their return home after their Indian captivity. We also read about two Pilgrim children named Mary and Benjamin, and a widow that was very brave to protect the children from some angry men. We are reading Encyclopedia Brown for storytime. Silas and Aedan both really love these stories. They both asked to read more than one chapter, but I'm trying to make the book last.

In History we read about how the children made a special sparkler candle for a party. They put gun powder in a quill and dipped it in tallow to make the candle. This special candle protected widow the children from an angry man named Swansy because it went off, and he thought it was a gun.

Silas drew all the shapes on his candle art. I helped him cut it out because I didn't think he had the motor skills to use my scrapbook cutter. I was able to preserve his sweet little etching even though I helped.

This is Silas's history notebooking page of the week. He has transitioned to cursive in his Pentime penmanship book. I love that he's gaining the confidence to do it on his own. He will be ready to do his work in cursive when HOD starts requiring it in the Preparing guide.

In our history reading we read about how Isaac and Joseph's family sent out a search team to find them. They used dogs to follow the scent of the boys on the trail. Here's my shameless Young Living plug lol! The instructions said to put vanilla, almond or peppermint extract on cotton balls to make a trail. I ended up using lemon and peppermint oil.

Silas smelled the trail scent first to see where his nose should lead them. I put lemon on the first one.

I put drops of lemon oil on the trail he was to follow, but also made a trail of peppermint. He found the right ones and kept going.

The dogs were able to follow the boys' scent until they got to the river. I put the last cotton ball in the water, and Silas could no longer smell the lemon. He thought this was a really fun activity :)

This is his science notebook page for the camouflage activity.

A portion of our history reading mentioned butterflies that flitted into a window. Our science activity was to the opportunity to learn about camouflage. I almost skipped this activity, but I'm so glad I didn't. Silas had so much fun finding all the butterflies I hid throughout the room. I fortunately have a rainbow of tissue paper that made this activity doable. There were many more than I took a picture of here. Silas said that the next time someone comes over he's going to have them find all the butterflies. I love that his little heart delights in these kinds of activities. It makes the effort so worth it.

The butterflies loved our US map as well!

This is is science notebook page for the butterfly activity.

I don't think I've talked much about how we use All About Spelling in addition to HOD dictation level 2. We are almost through Level 3 in AAS. This program does take a little more work than handing them a workbook, but I really feel it's worth the time. Silas almost never spells words wrong, and I attribute that to success to AAS.

This week we learned about the suffix ed. 

We learned about the three sounds it makes. I hope to get mostly through level 4 by the end of the year.

That wraps it up. Tell me about your week!

HOD Creation to Christ - CtC Week 18 in Review

Thanks so much for checking out our week in review. We began our study of ancient Greece this week! I love that there is always a new book to look forward to in HOD. Aedan was super excited to begin reading D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. This isn't a required HOD book, but Aedan loves reading about myths and legends. This week we began our study of the geography of Greece. We also started reading about Archimedes with our storytime book Archimedes and the Door of Science. I absolutely love that HOD uses living books to flesh out what it was like to live during the period we are studying. I really look forward to our study of Greece.

Since there was not watercolor project this week I'll begin with our science. This is our final week in Birds of the Air. Our science exploration question was: How do Ducks stay dry when they are swimming? We made two paper feathers. We left one of them as is, and we oiled one up with shortening.

We placed both of the feathers in water. The un-oiled feather quickly soaked up the water.

It eventually sank to the bottom while the oiled feather stayed dry on the surface.

Next we removed the feathers and added dish soap to the water.

We added the oiled feather back to the water, but this time it sank. We talked about how this happens to birds when they try to swim in polluted water. They are kept dry and afloat because of the oil on their feathers, but sink when the oil is dissolved by solvents and chemical pollutants in the water.

Aedan illustrated the above activity.

Aedan has really enjoyed his study of birds :)

We have new mechanical pencils that the kids write really lightly with, so I'm sorry if this is hard to read.

This is Aedan's copywork portion of his history notebooking page. He wrote about what it would be like to come upon Greece by boat.

Aedan learned how many Greek citizens had slaves which afforded them time to do all the thinking they did. Aedan read about a slave girl that was crying and looking longingly out the window, and that is what he chose to write about for his written narration.

Aedan added his history timeline entries to his notebook

This week we studied the map of Greece and learned about different regions of the country.

We continue our Geography study of Egypt. Aedan mapped more locations.

Every 9 weeks or so we take a break from watercolor paintings and take 2 weeks to memorize a poem. Aedan chose to memorize "Once by the Pacific."

That's all for now. Tell me about your week!
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