Apologia Botany - Lesson 3 - Flowers

Thursday, January 29, 2015

We are having so much fun in Botany! This week we studied flowers. I am learning so much right alongside Silas. My grandpa was a master gardener, but we moved before I had a chance to learn anything from him. He had a beautiful garden full of fruits and veggies. My grandma used to try to feed him lunch, but he was always full. He would just pluck a carrot or two out of the ground and wash them off. I have tried here and there to garden, but would really love to know how. I have met folks that are experts. I really admire them. Someday. Gardening is on my list of hobsessions I would like to master. There is something about knowing how to name what is growing around you and to know how your food grew that is so good for one's soul.

I bought a fresh bouquet of flowers. Silas just recently got a new hand held microscope. The flowers were really fun to see up close.

It took a while for these to open up. I learned that if you put them in warm water that they will open quicker. Learn something new every day!

 I tried to get several different kinds of flowers.

 We used these for a flower preservation activity. Silas poured the borax in.

 We either needed a smaller box or more Borax. I will let you know how these turned out later. It is supposed to take 2 weeks, and the flowers will be dried but still have their color.

 One of our activities was to discect a flower. Our lilies hadn't opened yet, so we used these.
 Silas pulled off the petals...

 ...until we could see the male and female parts of the flower.

 After a few days, our lilies opened up.

These are the best for finding the stamen and carpel.

We learned about composite flowers. I didn't know a daisy's center was a collection of a ton of tiny flowers! God's creation is amazing :)

Silas made a clay model of a flower.

 We also learned about Carnivorous plants. Silas has been wanting a Venus Fly Trap for years. I recently bought a growing kit, but it didn't grow. A sweet friend of ours was making a trip to the science museum and offered to pick one up for us. These are amazing! Some of them are closed because we touched them.

 Here are a few of our Notebook Journal's pages for the week. Next week we learn about pollination!


  1. Somehow I missed that you were starting this book. It looks like you are learning a lot! We got a Venus Fly Trap this summer from the garden center and had great fun with it, but then it stopped "eating" in the fall and slowly started to die. We wouldn't have been able to feed it any insects in the summer anyway so I guess it was for the best.

  2. The instructions say that they go dormant in the winter and to put them in the fridge for several months. We'll see if I can actually keep it alive :)

  3. Love your flower study! Of all the AE books, this was one of my favorites (followed by Human Anatomy). I was debating on adding this to our PP/Bigger plans, but wasn't sure if it would be too much. ? I was also considering Anatomy and Nutrition 101.

  4. I added science to Bigger. Both boys had their own science, but we still managed to do HOD's science as well. I love the historical and biographical science in Bigger, but love having something on topic all year as well. I think you could manage it. I still want to get Nutrition 101! They will be at our convention this year. Can't wait to see it :)


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