Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 20 in Review

Friday, January 16, 2015

We had a really fun week here at Monarch Room! We made it through Unit 20 in HOD RtR. This week we focused on the spread of the Protestant Reformation. Our studies focused on Martin Luther, Charles V, Suleiman, Barbarossa, Ulrich Zwingli and Menno Simmons.

 Silver and gold coins were minted by Spain during the Martin Luther's life. Our history project was to make Spanish gold coins called Escudos and silver coins called Reales.

 There is a recipe for clay using white bread, but we used good ol' crayola air dry. We should probably try the bread stuff at some point. Aedan formed these and modeled them after the examples in our HOD Student Notebook.

I could have used yellow and gray paint, but I thought it would be fun to get some silver and gold. (Blush. I may really love craft stores.) There have been times in the past where we didn't have gold and silver, so now we do. Hooray for art supplies!

Aedan filled in information about Suleiman, mapped the Swiss Confederation and labeled a portrait of Ulrich Zingli. These are the models for the Spanish coins we made.

Aedan added his timeline entries. These especially tickled me: Suleiman Becomes Sultan of Ottoman Empire, Charles V Calls Luther to the Diet of Worms and Menno Simons - The Night Preacher (as portrayed by Batman of course!)

 Aedan's written narration was on Menno Simons. 

He mapped Europe in the time of the Reformation.

We studied Emily Dickinson's poem "Fringed Gentian" which was about these lovely purple flowers. Aren't they beautiful?! I wish I had a whole bed of these!

Emily Dickinson has been harder for Aedan to understand than poets we've studied in the past, but as we get to know her he is improving in his understanding.

 Sometimes science is just plain fun. This week we learned how ground water can contaminate drinking wells. What kid doesn't like to do science when he gets to eat it?! They especially love it when the ingredients involve chocolate and ice cream :)

 We layered chocolate chips and milk as our well water and confined it with ice cream. We added more milk. We then added crushed cookies and chocolate sprinkles as our top soil. The instructions called for coloring our milk with blue food coloring, but we opted for chocolate milk - a tasty substitution :)

We saw how the chocolate milk contaminated the well water all the way below.

This of course was declared the best snack time of the whole year!

This is Aedan's illustration of the above activity. He illustrated the sugar buzz instead of the experiment, but whatever. LOL.

 These are our science notebooking pages of the week. Thank you so much for visiting. See you next week!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your family's experiences with HOD! We are definitely considering HOD for our family! (I'm having a hard time jumping back into our selected curriculum for this year from our holiday break- clear indication it is not a good fit for us!) Are you familiar with any other families blogging through their experiences with HOD?

  2. There are lots of bloggers that share their HOd journey. What guides were you interested seeing? Maybe I could direct you to the right place. I'd highly recommend joining the guide specific Facebook groups. I've learned so much from the awesome ladies there :) Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've used a variety of your posts through Bigger - CTC and now R2R (for different kids - we just started HOD last year with 4), but this post (U20) got us over a hump with the Science Lab today. Using chocolate milk did the trick! DS wasn't interested in doing the lab, but after looking at your post we found things around here that would work (marshmallows instead of crushed cookies!) and mixed up some chocolate milk. It worked great, he re-wrote his lab sheet (which he'd attempted without actually doing the lab ;) ), and on top of that it counted as his daily quota for drinking milk (which he hates)! Win - win! :D Thank you so much!

    1. Awww...So fun to know that these old posts can still help people. My boys enjoyed this activity!


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