MFW ECC - Weeks 18-20 in Review - Kenya and Egypt

Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome to our tour of Africa! These past few weeks we traveled through Kenya and Egypt. I was sad to be done so quickly in Africa as it is so rich in many ways. We have so loved reading the books from the MFW book basket about Africa. So many gave such a great picture of what it is like to walk the soil of that great big continent. I had every intention of making it to a local Ethiopian restaurant so the kids could try food from Africa. We packed up the car and headed to the restaurant and it was closed. Ah well. We may have to try again. I love Ethiopian food. The kids weren't as excited to try it when I described what it was like, but I hope to get there soon. 

One of our activities was to play an African game called Mancala. We already had this game, so it was fun to explain its history.

Each player gets 4 pieces in each section.

You pick the pieces up and "sow" them like seeds. The goal is to have the most seeds at the end. I won both times unintentionally. Man this boy is competitive! 

We made sure to get a new GeoPuzzle for Africa. I have Silas build these a few times a week when we aren't playing the geography game.

I usually have him build it a few days before I start a new continent. I'm always so surprised at the great grasp he already has on where the countries are when we play the geography game. These have been worth the money for sure.

 Silas filled out his Kenya notebook pages.

I have to say I'm learning so much too! The geography game has been a learning experience for me as well. I love that we will both know the world so much better after our studies this year.

Kenya is scheduled for 3 weeks, but Silas requested to learn about Egypt as well. Fortunately our Atlas also had information about Egypt.

 We checked out some books about Egypt to add to our studies. I'm looking forward to learning more about Egypt in HOD Preparing next year, and now we will know a little going into it.

We have lots of things in our homeschool closet. I love when we have an opportunity to take things out again that we may not have used for a while. These are things I purchased when we went through Story of the World a few years back.

We also have various Toobs that are fun to open up when we hit a certain period of history or place.

 Silas had fun putting the mummy together :)

I found this little hieroglyphic set at Half Price books.

His message says, "I like chicken." Of course!

We learned about how pilots use call letters to give initials over the radio. Silas though this was really fun!

 I almost skipped this activity. I actually was done for the day and just crumbled it up thinking he might have a hard time with it. I underestimated him. He un-crumpled the paper and got the answer right. I re-copied it and decided to not underestimate this little mathy kid again :)

 I have loved reading through Matthew this year with Silas. I forget sometimes how difficult the parables might have been to understand to those first hearers.

 When listening to them through a 9 year old's ears it helps me to understand why they wouldn't have gotten it right away.These are a few of our memory verses for the past weeks.

 We read about David Livingstone in Hero Tales.

Silas read about the grasslands of Africa and made an African savannah mural.

 One of our science activites was to learn how an elephant keeps cool. They fan themselves with their ears after spraying themselves with water. We tried fanning with a dry arm. Then we sprayed his arm with water and fanned. Much cooler!
This will be our last week with Properties of Ecosystems. After a reading one day he said, "I really have no idea what you are talking about." This may be a great book for for older kids, but Silas just isn't ready for it. We will continue to read Living World since it helps us understand the different biomes of the places we will visit. Instead we began Apologia's Botany. I think we are both over learning about animals as we covered them multiple times. We never have done an in depth plant study, and it will be fun when spring comes around to know more about all that is coming back to life. That's all for now. Next we will visit Saudi Arabia. We also decided to add Israel to our travel list. See you next time in the Middle East!


  1. Hi Tara! I am curious if you think that ECC would be a good fit for a 5th grader & a 1st grader. We have moved away from HOD & have been doing a year of Veritas Press History, but the kids are getting 'over' history. This looks interesting as a side route to take a year off. I like the mapping & the country studies a lot, but wonder if it is beefy enough for 5th?
    Also... where did you get the Bible copywork? Or did you make it? Thanks!


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