Apologia Botany - Lesson 4 - Fruit

Friday, February 13, 2015

Welcome to the world of fruit! I have to say I am having so much fun learning along Silas in botany. There are so many things that God created that I have yet to understand. Homeschool is such a classroom not only for kids but also for their parents.

We learned what about what distinguishes a fruit from other plants and how they are seed containers.

We learned about the different fruit types; Berries, pepos, hesperidiums, pomes, drupes, grains, pods, capsules, follicles, samaras and nuts. There were many fruits I didn't even know were fruits!

Nuts are a kind of fruit.

There are many different ways seeds are dispersed. We learned about animal seed dispersal with burrs.

If you examine a burr closely you will see it has little hooks. Burrs were the inspiration for the creation of Velcro.

These little hooks grasp on to any passerby...boy or animal.

Once the burr is removed it is planted far away from the mother plant.

We also learned about wind dispersal with dandelion tufts and samaras.

I'm thankful these came in my little kit. There are no dandelions this time of year.

We made a guess on whether the samaras or dandelions would fly farther. Silas guessed the dandelions. He was right :)

We also learned about human and water dispersal.

Silas loved learning about mechanical dispersal of seeds. Once the seed is right...POP!

We read about the squirting cucumber, so Silas asked if we could look up a video. They can squirt their seeds up to 20 feet away!

We also watched a video on a dandelion dispersing its seeds in the wind.

We learned that squirrels gather nuts for the winter food, but inadvertently plant some as well because they are such hard workers.

Silas added information about different kinds of fruit in his notebook.

Look at how well our butterfly garden is growing from last week! Next week we will skip lesson 6 about leaves as there are no leaves until spring to study. Instead we will study roots. See you then!

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