Apologia Botany - Lesson 4 - Pollination

Friday, February 6, 2015

This week we spent our time studying pollination! We are really enjoying our botany study. When we went over what we learned Silas was able to answer all the answers correctly. I really appreciate how this book is written in a conversational way and how many activities we get to do. It has taught us both so much!

We learned how flowers are pollinated by wind, butterflies, moths, birds, bats and bees.

Some flowers must be pollinated by animals. Some are self pollinated. We learned how a flower must have pollen from another flower in order to be pollinated. Silas pretended to be a bee and took pollen from own flower and added it to another.

Here is the pollen from our flower.

We also began a butterfly garden.

Our science kit came with a butterfly garden seed packet.

I love that it told us what kinds of butterflies we would attract.

It was fun to see the many different kinds of seeds that were inside.

Silas planted all his seeds in this egg carton. Our house is beginning to be filled with seedlings of all kinds!

We are running short on time to enjoy our Five in a Row books. I remembered that I still had not yet read The Bee Tree to Silas. This is such a sweet book about a grandpa and his granddaughter going on an adventure to find a bee tree. They capture some bees in a jar and let one out. They start the chase and as they do many folks in the town come along until there is a great group of people traveling to find the bee tree. At the end they do indeed find a bee tree. They use smoke to calm the bees and gather the honey.

At the end of the story they have baking powder biscuits and honey butter. Yum! I've made honey butter many times, but this recipe had cinnamon and orange peel. Delish! I'm so thankful for those little bees that bring us honey.

Instead of poetry tea time we had storytime and snacks.

Here is our honey butter. It wouldn't have been clumpy had I waited for it to fully soften. It was still delicious! I also served raspberries which happen to be self pollinating even though bees do have a lot to do with pollinating them anyway.

Our snack was gluten-full. These turned out really well :)

I won mom points for this snack :)

Silas designed his own orchid flower - The glempin. He also drew pictures of different pollinating creatures.

Silas made a pollination comic.

I'm really thankful for this notebook journal. I have assembled the massive Apologia lap books you can buy, but this is way easier!

We checked on our flowers we dried for our flower lesson. They dried and kept their color as they were supposed to.

I might be enjoying this study as much as Silas. I'm realizing that maybe I don't have black thumb. Our bean seeds from our germination project got so big. I almost threw them away, but decided to plant them. Look! We actually grew something! So fun :)

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