Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 22 in Review

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome to week 22 at Monarch Room! This week we read about the artist Sofonisba, John Calvin, Ivan the Terrible and Ignatius Loyola. I am loving how art has been tied into all of our studies this year!

There are so many wise moms on the HOD FB groups. One of them suggested a really cool book called Art Fraud Detective.

The book has a mystery to solve. 4 gangs of criminals have stolen these famous paintings and altered them. You have to look closely to see what changes have been made while also learning something about the artist and painting.

Silas loves mysteries and wanted to dive right into this book. We made the chart and are trying to figure out who the mystery caller is. I was so happy that they were excited to do it (and this was even after school.) Score! I found it used for 4 bucks with shipping on Amazon.

Aedan researched Madrid, Spain. He added his timeline entries; John Calvin Writes, Loyola and Xavier Form the Order of the Jesuits. He portrayed John Calvin as Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes of course!

Aedan's Written Narration was about Ignatius Loyola. He thought it was funny that his right arm is buried separately from the rest of his body.

Aedan studied the works of Sofonisba Anguissola.

Aedan began reading Gabrielle and the Hour Book. His history project for the next few weeks will be to make Queen Anne of Brittany's Book of Hours.

In science we learned about faults, volcanoes and earthquakes. His science activity was to learn about how the waves of a tsunami are produced.

Here is his illustration of the above activity :)

These are his science notebooking pages of the week.

We are taking a break from IEW. Last year we did something else instead of Write With the Best. I decided to pick it back up for the short story unit. Aedan wrote and illustrated the following story. Forgive the quality of the images. The pictures were wonderful, so I wanted to share :) See you next week!

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