Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 25 in Review

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome to a peek into our 25th week here at Monarch Room! We read about the lives of Jeanne d'Albret, Catherine de' Medici, Henry of Navarre,  Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe. We started a new storytime book on the life of Sir Walter Raleigh. I love how there is always a new book to read in RtR. I am so thankful that so many wonderful books are always available in this program!

Our history project was to make a Huguenot Cross. It has been neat to run into those in our history lessons from whom we are descended. My boy's paternal grandmother has French Huguenot roots. The project instructed us to make a window cling cross. We started with yellow glue which incidentally looked like mustard.

Next we added white and light blue glue.

Lastly, we added a darker blue. Sometimes I'm tempted to skip these projects, but then I realize that even as an adult I sometimes struggle with verbal instruction. Anytime we get a new board game I hand over the instructions to my husband who is far more verbal than I am. I wonder if I had been given more opportunity to work through the difficulty of deciphering instruction if I would be better at it. I think that is the value in these activities. I like how these projects make connections, but also help develop the skill of paying careful attention to instruction.

This week I've been looking over next year's work. We will be in Preparing Hearts and Revival to Revolution. I am starting to see the gentle progression of skills. Research is introduced orally preparing and becomes more detailed up through the guides. I love that I'm seeing Aedan be able to research a topic and find the necessary answers on his own. This will be a skill that will serve him well in college.

We mapped the routes of the later explorers.

Aedan completed his reading of Twelth Night.

We started reading our new history book Along Came Galileo. I love living book science! My kids always connect so much more to each figure we study when it is in this format. Aedan's science activity was to perform an experiment in density. He poured oil, water and dark corn syrup in a jar. The instructions said honey, but you can't make me part with my raw honey! We had corn syrup from a previous experiment to use fortunately.

We found out that corn syrup was the heaviest followed by water and then oil. 
Next he had to guess what would happen if we dropped a toothpick, a button, and a penny into the jar.

The toothpick floated on top of the oil.

The button landed on top of the corn syrup.

Finally, the penny landed at the very bottom.

This is the science lab sheet for the above activity.

Science notebooking

There are 2 options for science from this point on in RtR. We went ahead and added the second book. My boys can't get enough science. The readings are short, and I thought it would be nice to also cover Weather and Water. He said he enjoyed reading it. I can always tell that is true based on the narration he tells back to me after reading.

We learned about air this week. There were several activities, but we only did this one. We put a candle in a bowl of water. The water level in the jar was supposed to raise above the water level of the bowl as the candle used the oxygen in the jar before going out. That didn't exactly happen, but such are science experiments at times :) 10 weeks until the finish line!


  1. Oh your posts make me want to go back to a scheduled program...ha!

    Love your learning moments.

    I'm still praying over next year, but still feel led to finish all the FIAR books.

  2. I totally look at your posts and think how fun FIAR looks :) Sometimes I want to branch off and plan a year, but HOD works so well for my boys as is. I'm so thankful that the fun is already thought out for me. I can't wait to see what you choose!


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