MFW ECC - Weeks 23-24 in Review - India

Friday, February 13, 2015

Welcome to our tour of India. I was excited to start our study of this fascinating country. It is a place I've always wanted to visit, but it is also a place of great suffering. One of my favorite missionaries has a ministry to women in India that were formerly trafficked. This is a place that needs much prayer.

Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines, so I was excited to take the boys to one of my favorite restaurants. We had been here before, but they didn't remember. They were a little hesitant to try some of these dishes, but Silas gave our meal a 10! Forgive the grainy phone pic.

We ordered Curry Chicken, Butter Masala, Saag Paneer, and Garlic Naan. Absolutely delicious!

 Silas filled out his notebook pages for India.

One of my very favorite parts of our study of India was learning about Amy Carmichael. We listened to the story on audio, but I also have this picture book for younger children. I had picked up this DVD from the conference last year. What a tear jerker! Amy was quite a woman. I plan to read another biography about her.

We read about her group called the Starry Cluster. Some of these women were from a higher caste and wore jewels. They decided that in order to reach all kinds of people that they would no longer wear their jewels. I always love to see how Silas interprets these stories in pictures.

We learned how Amy had compassion on the suffering children of India. She moved beyond feeling into action.

Amy sacrificed her life of traveling as an evangelist to serve these children. There is a saying in India that "Children "bind the feet of their mothers." Amy accepted the calling on her life to care for the children who needed her. I am not serving in a foreign country, but I am bound to this work at home. I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Silas is doing really well with his scripture memory verses each week.

We learned about the animals and climate in the mountain biome.

 Silas's geography notebook is filling up! I am seeing fewer pages to fill which means our year is coming to a close. We still have China, Japan, Russia, Australia and Antarctica to visit, but it is flying by. See you in China!

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