MFW ECC - Weeks 21-22 in Review - Saudi Arabia and Israel

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome to our tour of the Middle East. We were scheduled to study Saudi Arabia for 2 weeks, but instead studied one week there and one in Israel. We found some great books at the library for our travels through Israel.

We had snacks from Israel for our Poetry Teatime.

We read a story about a spider named Sammy who lives in a Jewish home. Their family celebrates Shavuot by preparing Blintzes.

I love when picture books have recipes.

Silas helped me measure and prepare all the ingredients. I have never had a blintz before, so this was a learning experience for me as well. It is basically like a crepe. My technique improved after the first few. I wonder if they were thicker than they were supposed to be.

We then filled them with a cottage cheese, egg, and sugar mixture. I realized after putting them in the oven that they were supposed to be folded in like little burritos. They still came worked out in the end.

We made a strawberry topping just like in the book. My boys thought these were really good :)

These are some of the books we found at the library.

We read about a Jewish boy named Michael in Children of the World.

We went out to a Mediterranean restaurant and enjoyed all kinds of delicious foods. Silas really enjoyed his Gyro sandwich.

These are his notebooking pages for Saudi Arabia for the week.

 Silas is memorizing The Lord's Prayer.

One change we recently made is that we are attempting to move Silas back to Singapore math. I hesitate to do it as he is doing so well with CLE math. However, he can do CLE in his sleep. I was wondering if maybe he needed more of a challenge. There have been some challenging days in Singapore, but Silas has been up for it. He even learned how to do long division which isn't introduced in CLE until the 4th grade book. I'm playing it by ear for now. He only had 2 workbooks left for CLE 3, and would have finished early. My hope is to get more practice in multiplication, division and mental math. I will make a final decision over the summer about what we will continue with.

This week we had uncharacteristically high temperatures for January. We decided to go out and do a nature study walk, so we could enjoy the beautiful day. It was 70 on Wednesday, and is now snowing on Sunday. I'm glad we got out while we could!

We found some treasures along the way :)

The boys found thought this was pretty awesome!

Silas filled out his January conditions in his Nature Connection book.
Next week we fly to India!


  1. Love your study of Israel! I've never had a bintz before either but we celebrate Shavuot every year (Pentecost!). :) I want to make them this year, except it looks like they are unleavened so I may just make them for Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread instead. :)

    Love picture of you and Silas! <3

    I don't regret stopping Singapore with Eliana, but I do sometimes with Malachi. He was on 3A/B last year and it was a little challenging getting long division down - what's funny is he's doing TT Math 5 and he hasn't had long division yet.

  2. Singapore 3 is surprisingly challenging, but he made it through the hard part of long division. It wasn't introduced in CLE 3, but would have been next year. His mental math is already improving. Singapore was definitely not for my oldest. Spiral is better for him.

    I wish we had a little more time in Israel. There are more Sammy Spider books that do a nice job of letting you experience a little piece of Jewish culture.


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