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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One of the things I love about our year in My Father's World ECC has been all the wonderful books in the book basket. Each week we check out books from the library that have to do with the country we are studying. With only 6 weeks of school left, Silas said he was sad that our journey through the world is ending. Even I am sad which is pretty unusual for March. I'm usually feeling pretty weary about now. China and Japan have been especially fun. Both have such rich cultures and interesting histories!

One of our book basket books was Grandfather Tang's Story. I realized as I flipped through this book that I actually had tangrams to use! I might be a math manipulative hoarder (blush.) Silas was tickled when I declared, "We dooooo have tangrams!" He had forgotten what they were.

I have learned so much from Five in a Row about how to really enjoy a picture book. This one was too fun to not act out with the tangrams as we read.  The story is about a grandfather who tells his daughter a story about two foxes who play a game. They compete by changing shapes into all kinds of animals. He uses tangrams to shape each animal as he tells the story.

The boys jumped into action as soon as I showed them what to do!

 The story is about two foxes named Chou and Wu Ling who were best friends.

 They decided to play a game to see who could change into a different animal.

 First Chou changed into a rabbit.

 Then Wu Ling changed into a dog.

The dog chased the rabbit who ran to a tree and changed into a squirrel who was then able to run up the tree.

They continue this game as a competition to see who can beat who. This is a hawk.

I love that Aedan always takes part in our activities when he can. This is his turtle and alligator.


They chase and chase each other until they both turn into a goose and one is shot out of the sky by a hunter. The hunter comes to get his prey and the other goose turns into a lion and frightens him away.

The girl learns that the friends did play the game again, but next time they were more careful.

Grandfather Tang and his grandaughter Soo take a rest under a tree after the story is over.

The boys loved the story and had a little fun with math while we were at it. I love living books! I wish I had knew I would homeschool when the boys were small. We read so many wonderful books and they became great readers. I didn't know then how to engage them with these books until I learned how through homeschool. 

The boys had fun building whatever they wanted after our story ended. So fun! We were so sad to end our travels through China, but we fortunately have created so many fun memories! Up next, Japan!

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