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Thursday, April 30, 2015

And so we come to the very end of our 3rd grade year... I'm trying not to be too sentimental. This week we did the last Life of Fred Elementary book, the last MFW ECC assignment, the last everything. I wanted to wrap up our year with our last Five in a Row book. We still have a few FIAR books that we haven't rowed. I'm sure I'll pull them out and do them casually, but next year we are on to other things. I hope to have grandkids someday that I can experience these books with, but that's a long ways off. There is something about the end of 3rd grade. It seems like everything gets a little harder, the expectations higher, and the work maybe even a tad longer for next year. I've watched my little guy grow up so much this year. Overall, we had a really wonderful year. I plan to write a summary of our year in another post. I am sad to end the year, but I am also looking forward to the lazy days of summer.

Since we condensed our Antarctica study I decided to row Miss Rumphius. This book is a perfect way to end a year of traveling the world. Miss Rumphius is a woman who spends time with her grandfather who is an artist when she is a child. He tells her of places that are far away, and so she decides that she will travel the world too. We see her take trips to the Caribbean, the Middle East (or maybe Northern Africa), to the tops of tall mountains, and Australia. Because we had visited all those places in our studies this year it was especially fun to see her see those places too.

Her grandfather tells her that someday she needed to find the thing that she could do to make her world a more beautiful place. After an accident that left her back injured that left her bedridden she noticed lupines growing outside her window. After she recovers she discovers them far away from her garden windowsill. This was fun because Silas knew after our study in botany that the wind or birds must have carried those seeds all that way, just as Miss Rumphius says.

The little guy on the right is in Kindergarten. His sweet mom is one of my very best friends. She did FIAR with him all year, and they had so much fun! She told him that we were doing the same book they were doing this week, and he said, "They aaaare?" He was so happy that FIAR wasn't just for little kids. One of the best things about homeschool is that kids don't age discriminate like you see in school. Aedan is known to be a pied piper of little boys at every park. They all just love him, and he is never too cool to hang with little kids. My friend's little guy told her that Aedan was his best friend. That melted my heart. He's such a precious little muffin. Silas's best friend is sitting next to him. Next year Silas and his friend will be doing HOD Preparing together :) I'm so thankful for sweet friends to share our journey with.

She decided the way to make her world a more beautiful place was to plant lupines everywhere.

She tosses them along the path, behind the church and near the school until the whole town is full of them.

We went to one of our favorite nature spots with friends.

They walked along the paths...

...making their world a more beautiful place too :) It will totally make my heart smile if we go back someday and find lupines growing along the path.

If you've followed my blog you know we have loved to experience the foods from all over the world. Since Miss Rumphius visits the Caribbean and Africa I thought I'd mix those two. I had bought tapioca back when we studied Africa, but I forgot to make it. I made this Vegan Coconut Tapioca Pudding and topped it with kiwi, mangoes, blackberries and coconut that I had toasted. Pretty good if you ask me. My mom told me when I was a kid that I always would say "I don't wike Coc-ee-nut." I guess a girl can change her ways :) We enjoyed this after our nature walk with our friends.

My friend brought coconut water for us to try.

She also brought plantain chips :)

When I visited the store it was full of all kinds of strange fruits. I wish I could have gotten them all! I got a coconut, a passion fruit, a few mangoes, kiwis and a kiwano melon.

This is what it all looked like cut open minus the passion fruit that just was plain not right!

None of us had tried star fruit before. It is said to have originated in Sri Lanka.

I have to include this blurry pic because Silas's face is classic! Not his favorite. I think it might have needed to ripen just a tad more.

Kiwis originate in New Zeland. We learned this on our travels Down Under! Silas actually loved the kiwi. I buy them all the time, but he always refused to try them. There is something about all this together that made it fun, and he learned he liked something new. Praises!

 This is what the kiwano melon looks like inside. They are native to Africa, but they are grown in other places now too. Here is a visual guide on how to eat a kiwano melon. They are in the cucumber family. You gotta love God's creation :)

This is how my boys felt about trying kiwano melon. They both tried it and had more than one bite. Aedan said it tastes like boogers that don't taste bad. Appetizing right?!

I also bought a coconut!

The boys look apprehensive here because I have bought coconuts before that the water was super bad! This one turned out to be pretty good. I had planned to go to the downtown library, but we just didn't make it. I think my fun steam has run out. I do plan to make jerk chicken, black beans and another pavlova when friends come over this week just to finish our week out. This was a great end to a fun filled year. Thank you so much for walking along side of us <3

Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 34 in Review

Welcome to week 34 in RtR! I can't believe we have almost reach the end! This week our studies focused on William Penn, The Slave Trade, The Lenape People, William and Mary of England and John Locke.

Aedan learned about how William Penn made a treaty with the Lenape. His history project was to make a bandolier bag which was part of the Lenape traditional clothing. This project took a few days. Aedan worked on one strap one day, the next the day after and the bag on the final day.

I had him do this in the morning and realized he was going to take his sweet time. This is where patience and biting one's tongue is practiced. I'm so glad I just let him enjoy himself. Sometimes Aedan does the most beautiful work when he takes his time. He always does great work, but his careful work always wows me :) I thought he did a beautiful job!

This is how the bag would be worn.

We recently went to our local museum. They had a few bandolier bags there or ones like them. It's so neat to see things we study in person.

This was the notebook page we were to model his design after. I love these beautiful pages. They will be such a treasure when we can look back at how far we've come in later years.

Aedan researched Philadelphia this week and added his timeline figures.

Aedan's written narration this week was about John Locke. Don't ask what is happening in this picture :)

History notebooking page of the week.

Aedan started working on memorizing The Bee.

In science he learned about lift and how an object's shape creates lift.

The curved bag lifted more easily than the other flat one.

Aedan is still reading Our Weather and Water. This is additional science, so I don't always have him do the worksheets. I did let him illustrate the zones of the sea. Onto our final update!

Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 33 in Review

Welcome to Unit 33 in RtR! These last few weeks will be short and sweet. I got a little behind, but fortunately I still took lots of pictures! This week we read about Charles II, The Ch'ing Dynasty, John Milton, Isaac Newton and John Bunyan.

Aedan's history project was to make a scripture flapbook.

When he was finished with it he read the scriptures to us and shared his faith.

Each section had a verse and a picture.

We added the finished flapbook to his history notebook.

Aedan researched Edinburgh, Scotland. He also added his timeline entries: K'ang-hsi and the Ch'ing Dynasty, John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and Sir Isaac Newton.

Aedan's written narration was about John Milton and his very, very long allegory Paradise Lost.

Aedan added to his history notebook.

He drew a Chinese pagoda with the instruction of Draw and Write Through History.

He mapped the kindoms of China.

Aedan finished his reading of Othello. This has been a great addition to our year!

Aedan studied the poem "The Chariot." I thought his picture was really funny. He thought it was hilarious that death would "kindly" stop for someone. This is one of the poems he memorized later. He drew a really funny picture I will share on that week's post.

In science Aedan learned about how glaciers move.

We mixed cornstarch and water. This was strange stuff! We made an incline so we could see how a glacier would move.

Next we placed an index card in its way.

This showed the shape a glacier develops with different types of obstacles.

Next we placed toothpicks in its path.

It made indentations.

We also tried boulders.

Eventually the glacier covered them and left bumps underneath. Off to week 34!
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