Apologia Botany - Lesson 9 - Trees

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I had planned to document all of Apologia's Botany lessons, but life happened. We finished the series this week, but I found some pictures on my camera of lesson 9.

We have a wonderful nature sanctuary we love to visit with friends, so we decided to study trees together.

A Tree is Nice is a sweet little book about all the many ways trees make our world beautiful but also how they are so useful to us in many ways. I also took our handy Trees of Missouri Field Guide. This are wonderful books to get for your own state.

Our friend also have The Nature Connection so we did a lesson in April about Trees.

Silas made a bark rubbing.

Many trees are labeled at our nature sanctuary.

We learned how dead trees are homes to many kinds of creatures.

The trees were just starting to bud that day. We eventually covered Gymnosperms, Seedless Vascular Plants, Nonvascular Plants and came back and finished the lesson on Leaves this week. I'm so glad we added this study to our year. We both loved it and learned so much!

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