Heart of Dakota - HOD RtR - Week 32 in Review

Friday, April 10, 2015

Here is another little peek into our week. Aedan learned about the notable science achievements of Robert Boyle and Blaise Pascal. He also read studied the lives of George Fox, the Quaker, and the extravagant Louis XIV.

Aedan has really enjoyed the Draw and Write Through History books we have used these past few years. This week he had something to draw out of this book, but then he noticed he never got to draw the dragon.

I'm guessing this isn't scheduled because some folks might have trouble with mythical creatures. We most certainly do not. My boys have always had very big imaginations and have always fought off imaginary creatures with swords in hand. This picture is along side one of the Knights he drew earlier in the year.

I thought it might be fun to turn it into a painting. Aedan loves to draw, but rarely takes the time to paint. As he was drawing it he said, "I get to draw a dragon for school!" Mom points abound :)

Aedan always likes to name whatever creatures he draws with latin names.

The drawing he was assigned out of DWTH was to draw a musketeer. I love how much drawing is already built into HOD. It is perfect for my boys.

Aedan researched the Geneva, Switzerland which was the home of Robert Boyle.

One thing I have allowed Aedan to do is to use his imagination for his timeline entries. He has been reading about Robert Boyle in one of his extension books and had fun drawing a caricature of him for his timeline.

Our storytime book is about Blaise Pascal. Aedan added him to his timeline as well. I'm going to let him draw his own history figures when we get to the high school guides rather than having him use the ones he can cut out. It will be fun to see his abilities develop from now until then.

Aedan's written narration was about Louis XIV who Aedan mostly noted was a very fancy man.

Aedan asked to see a picture of him again so he could draw Louis XIV.

These pictures really crack me up!

History notebooking for the week.

We had a great Easter weekend. I had my hubbie take a pic of me with the boys. I joke that if I meet an early end that no one will have known I existed in the lives of these boys because I'm always the one behind the camera. Aedan has actually gotten taller than me. I'm wearing heels or you'd be able to see my little boy is no longer little anymore. I looked back on this blog to see just how much he has grown. Aren't they handsome? :)

 This is another rarity to have my husband Nate and I in a pic together. It's nice having boys big enough to prove we lived and breathed on this earth together. I really need to get family pictures taken soon! 3 weeks to go! See you soon :)


  1. Love the pics of you and your boys and of you and Nate. Beautiful! Love Aedan's dragon, too. We actually believe dragons were real. :) And wow, only three weeks! So close!

  2. Thank you for leaving me encouraging comments during this health battle. I'm lost in a dark storm and keep praying for the light to shine through. In the meantime, it's the light of others that help me get through each day.

    ((hugs)) so nice to see you and your husband, too!

    1. I so appreciate you sharing your journey with us. Still believing for change ❤️.


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