MFW ECC - Weeks 33-34 in Review - Antarctica

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our final destination in MFW ECC is Antarctica. Fortunately there isn't much of a culture that would require me to cook any more than we already have. All that cooking wasn't friendly on my waistline! We had a lot of fun learning about this part of the earth, but we decided to condense our studies in Antarctica to include one last Five in a Row book.

We chose to make a clay penguin for art. Didn't Silas do a fantastic job? We just followed these simple instructions here. You may not want to click on the link, but just view the pictures from Pinterest.

Last year our local zoo opened a penguin exhibit which was perfect for our studies this week!

Of course one can't read learn about Antarctica without reading Mr. Popper's Penguins!

This shows the size and location of the penguins of the world.

Our zoo has humbolt, gentoo and king penguins. This is a humbolt penguin. This guys are curious fellows. When we were there they were blowing bubbles for them. It was cute to watch them attack the bubbles.

These are gentoo penguin.

It was fun watching them pop up out of the water!

Here are the king penguins swimming and swimming away!

It is so fun to watch penguins swim. The are so slow on water, but they zoom through the water as if they were flying.

Silas mapped Antarctica. We learned about the different science stations and the discovery of this icy continent.

Silas filled out his final continent on his World Map of the year. What a wonderful year this has been!

Silas also completed the elementary series of Life of Fred. We started our journey in through the Fred books when Silas was just a kindergartener. We learned at the end of the book that it took us 4 years to cover 6 days of Fred's life. We also read a summary of the many, many things we learned through these wonderful books. We look forward to starting the Intermediate series next year. I highly, highly recommend these books! It always seems to coincide with what we are already learning in math but adds depth and an element of fun that few math programs can offer. Fabulous books! See you next time in our row of Miss Rumphius!

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