Curricula 2015-2016 - 7th Grade - Aedan

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here is a peek into our plans for 7th grade - take 2! As you know I had planned to use HOD Rev to Rev, but ended up last minute choosing another route. I explained my reasoning here. We will still employ quite a few Rev to Rev elements because A. We already had them and B. Some of them were really great choices! I mostly wanted to have a little more time together, so part of our plans has the boys enjoying some activities with each other.

*Edit - We made it through about 20 weeks of Beautiful Feet before we returned to Heart of Dakota Revival to Revolution. We enjoyed these BF books, but we definitely missed HOD. We were using many Rev to Rev elements alongside BF, so it was an easy transition back.

It took me a while to arrive at Beautiful Feet Early American & World. You can read about why we went this route here. 
*Edit - We made some adjustments to our Beautiful Feet plans. See what we changed here.
HOD Rev to Rev scheduled The Signers once a week as a research project. I wanted to still work on research skills, and this doesn't take too much time each week.

We have really enjoyed What in the World? that has been scheduled in HOD guides in the past. These 3 audio CDs were scheduled, so we will still use them.

I absolutely love BF's books for EA&W, but I want to be able to add some more living books. All Through the Ages is the hands down best book list ever for homeschoolers. I can't imagine how much time it took to put together. Last year Aedan read all of his little brother's MFW ECC book basket books, so I wanted to create something similar for him. Any books that come into the house this way will be unrequired, but any book that passes the threshold of this house gets read by Aedan whether I tell him to or not. I'll call that a win-win.

We will use Exploration Education Advanced Physical Science this year. You can read more about our first 3 weeks in this program here.

*Edit - We ultimately switched to Apologia General. I actually really liked this program a lot, but it wasn't a great fit for this year. I will almost definitely use it for my youngest son though. He was bummed out that we didn't finish this. I actually regret not making it further through. It really is a neat program.

HOD's plans for science employed Exploration Education (EE) plus also had a great inventor study. Aedan will read these books alongside his science course and will get a better picture of the men behind some of the most famous inventions of all time.

He will keep a record of what he learned in his inventor notebook.

We will use Fifty States Under God for our geography study. I think my son will enjoy all the facts he will learn about each state. He loves that kind of stuff!

 We will study the book of Hebrews and memorize Hebrews 11 and part of 12 this year.

We will continue with R&S English and HOD dictation. Our new thing this year is Jump In writing. I absolutely love this program. It's the perfect mix of creative writing and writing instruction. We were IEW failures last year, so I didn't want just creative writing. Aedan still needs quite a bit of instruction. I almost chose to use WWS this year, but this will be a nice bridge for Aedan. I think he will love it! We made it through quite a bit of Jump In. I still think it's a fantastic program. Despite what I said about IEW, I decided to give it another chance. We didn't have the benefit of having watched the DVDs when we did it last year. I knew I never really gave it a chance, so we started it around halfway through the year. It made a HUGE difference! At some point I'll write about that, but this was the edit we made to our LA this year.

We will use Omnibus I for a C.S. Lewis literature study. I shared all about that here.

We will go through all the Narnia books and possible the other two. I am reading them again to make sure they are ok for this age. We dropped this after the first 3 books. I realized Aedan wasn't as excited about reading these books again. He wasn't complaining, but I didn't see the spark I normally see when he has read a book he really loves. Instead we moved over to Lightning Lit 7 which we absolutely LOVE!

We will continue Math U See and Life of Fred. I've heard major praises and also criticism of MUS. Aedan was severly lacking in math confidence when I brought him home from PS. We never really gained it again until we started using MUS. We are making a quick sweep through Zeta and will get to Pre-Algebra at the end of the year and this summer. For us MUS has been a Godsend for this child. I'm so thankful for it.

Another thing we added this year was Latin. I've always wanted to take a stab at it. There are many great programs out there, but this one looked the most fun. I will say that printing all this was an absolute beast. Praises for a duplex printer with cheap ink!

642 Things to Write About is like the art book above. There are plenty of silly ideas to write about. I plan to use these when I'm still working with the other boy to give the one who is waiting on me something to do. My boys love writing stories, so this is a fun little option. Grammar-Land is a book I've always wanted to do with the boys. There are free printable worksheets here. I didn't schedule this, but we will do it this year.

This year we will play art by ear and will likely do projects that go along with our studies. I prefer to be inspired in art rather than scheduled. My boys loved Art Fraud last year, so we will go through Art Auction Mystery. These are really fun books to study great works of art. We had planned to do a composer study, but my boys are really into music these days. We will do a We Rock! History of Rock music lab each week. I will make a music appreciation sheet to go with this that I will share soon. I'm really excited about this :) 642 Things to Draw is a really fun book to get the creative juices flowing. It just has simple boxes with an idea of what to draw.

I heard Sonya from Simply Charlotte Mason speak at our homeschool conference. I already had owned these Laying Down the Rails books, but I hadn't yet implemented them. Hearing her speak gave me the motivation to really put these great tools into action. There are a LOT of character traits to work on. She told us not to read them all or it would make us cry. She said to focus on 6 per year. I did schedule the traits. We will go through 2-3 lessons a week that focus on the trait we want to work on. Not only is this great for the kids, but it's great for me. I realized looking at these traits how many I personally have to work on! I also had printed out all the Kids of Integrity lessons from Focus on the Family. These are fabulous too! We will use some of the ideas to go along with the 6 traits we have selected.

This year we will focus first on the big 3 that Charlotte Mason said were cornerstone traits - Obedience, Attentiveness and Truthfulness. In talking to my husband he added to the list he thinks our kids need to work on; Kindness, Generosity, Cleanliness and Manners. I had meant to add a scripture verse, but time got a way from me. I printed these 2 to a page or you can print them larger or smaller if you like. I have shared these printables here.

That wraps it up! I hope to share many of our adventures here as I have done in the past. If you  have any questions please do commend. I sure love hearing from you <3


  1. What wonderful plans for what is sure to be a great year! Very much looking forward to seeing your adventures! ♥

    1. I think we will have lots of fun! I always look forward to seeing what you're up to as well!

  2. Blessings on your year ahead! Laying Down the the Rails is one of my favorite character development books :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your plans for the upcoming year. Looks like you all are going to enjoy and have a great year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I sure hope so! I will hop over to your blog to see what your family is up to as well!

  4. You're costing me money with those art and music books! Those just went on my wish list! Have a great year!

    1. Woopsy! We are having lots of fun with the music book :) The kids love the art books too!

  5. We just got the Laying Down the Rails bundle! How did you end up liking it? My husband and I are very optimistic :D

    1. I think they are great! It's an excellent resource for sure!


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