Week in Review - HOD Rev to Rev - Units 24-25

Monday, February 29, 2016

We are happily back in the swing of using Heart of Dakota. I asked my son what his favorite year was, and he said this year once we switched to the new books (HOD Rev to Rev.) I wasn't sure how he or I would feel about it, but it's going really well!

Unit 24 - This week we covered English Explorer Sturt who explored southern Australia, Louis Napoleon, The Crimean War, Florence Nightingale as well as Joseph Mazzini, Garibaldi, and Emmanuel II in Italy.

Louis Napoleon Rules in France.

Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi Liberate and Unite Italy.

Aedan was supposed to draw something related to Florence Nightingale for the Crimean War. I'll spare you!

One thing I really missed about HOD was the biographies. While learning about the Crimean War Aedan is also reading about Florence Nightingale who served as a nurse in that period.

Aedan's history project this week was to study buildings of that house people of different faiths. This is the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence, Italy. He had to compare it with the building below and ask what kind of people of faith would be in this kind of building.

This is the Bahai' House of Worship in Delhi, India. They believe that there can be unity of all of the religions under one God which is a very extreme opposite view of the Christian faith.

Aedan sketched both structures. 

Unit 25 - In this unit we studied the explorer Sir John Franklin who explored the Arctic, Harriet Beecher Stowe's writing of Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Dred Scott decision, Sojourner Truth and the things that led up to the Civil War. We were reintroduced to a famous American by the name of Abraham Lincoln and how his leadership abolished one of the cruelest establishments in our country's history.

Sir John Franklin Sails for the Arctic on the "Erebus" and the "Terror."

Harriet Beecher Stowe writes Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Commodore Perry's First Visit to Japan.

Our history project this week was to make a Carpenter's Wheel. Quilts were used to communicate messages. This design possibly was a design to communicate to slaves traveling on the Underground Railroad that they needed to go in faith that God would be with them.

Aedan is still thouroughly enjoying the inventor study. He finished up his study of Samuel Morse. Now we know why our history project a few weeks ago used the words "What God hath wrought." It was the first message communicated by Morse Code.

Aedan has been reading the extensions since being back to HOD. There have been some really excellent books! This is one to not be missed as we head into the Civil War and the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Our poem this week was based on a quote by Sojourner Truth. Wow. Nothing can communicate quite like poetry. The thought of losing my child as transaction...there are no words, but these might just at least explain a little. I love that we are reading source texts and poetry of the period this year. The selections have been fantastic!

This deserves a post all its own. I found Lightening Literature about 6 weeks ago. I decided to pick it up this year. I will write more about why I am absolutely loving this program. It's everything I have been looking for in a literature program for Aedan. He is loving Tom Sawyer. It has brought up a lot of really great discussion on so many things. I will share more in detail later!


  1. I love all the pictures! HOD is great, but it is too much for me with 5 kiddos!

    1. I can definitely see how it would be harder with 5. It sounds like you found a great fit with BP :)

  2. I loved what your son said about his favorite year. Out of the mouths of babes :)

    1. So true! I think he will especially enjoy next year :)


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