Learning with Monet - Week in Review 24-25

Monday, February 29, 2016

We are really enjoying our exploration in art through the World's Greatest Art Study! These past few weeks we have studied the life and art of Claude Monet. It's been a welcome break from chronological history, but it is still history nevertheless. It wasn't until college that I began to appreciate history. It was always so lifeless to me until I started learning history through art and literature. Art and living history books are much better teachers than dry text books. I just never had experienced a different way until later in life. It is so fun to do things in a different way with my own kids.

This was one of our projects of the week. So pretty! See more below about how we did this.

These are our resources that we used for our study of Monet. We had some books on our shelf, but we checked out a few more at the library. Silas has surprised me a lot in retaining a lot from these books. When we were discussing one of art pieces he was able to tell me that Monet had trouble with that particular one because he was washed overboard by a wave. He had been painting on his sailing studio boat when the wave crashed over him.

The Art Treasury book has lots of art projects that are inspired by works of famous artists.There is usually a small portion to read about the artist.

In this case they chose Monet's water lily paintings.

This was a fun project! Instead of paint we used torn tissue paper. This was easier said than done, but he got the hang of it.

Then we diluted some glue, and applied it with a sponge brush. He then layered on the different strips of paper adding glue where it was necessary.

He cut out some flours and lily pads and glued those on as well.

He was very proud of this painting. Cutie :)

I thought he did a beautiful job!

Silas also replicated another Monet painting. I told him to choose his favorite one.

He chose Impression, Sunrise. This was the painting from which the Impressionist style of painting name is derived. I loved his version!

This is the original.

We are fortunate the have a wonderful museum here in Kansas City. We went to go see the Water Lilies, but it was on tour. The Nelson Atkins Museum has 4 Monet paintings. We were only able to see 2 this time. Another is in storage for renovation.

This is from the painting above.

It has been really neat to see Silas paying attention to the details of the artists and their lives.

When I told him to sign his painting, pointing to the right side of his painting, he knew that Claude Monet usually signed his paintings on the left.

As we continued walking through the museum we got to the American art. Silas recognized that this painting must have been inspired by impressionism.

He was right! Theodore Robinson spent time in France where he befriended Monet himself.

I can't help but stop in the beautiful courtyard cafe at the museum. A perfect excuse for a treat! The boys all chose chocolate croissants. There were only three....

...so I had this little piece of art instead.

We have been doing a simple lapbook to go with our studies.

Silas has been adding information to each section.

It doesn't take long, but it does help him to identify different works of art.

There is always a quick little puzzle to put together.

We set aside the church history cards, but we are still reading through some of Famous Men of the Renaissance.

I asked Silas what his favorite books were this year, and he actually said A Child's History of the World. Huh! We decided to skip HOD Preparing this year, but I went ahead and bought another copy of CHOW for him to read throughout the year. He's almost all of the way through it. I'm glad I got it!

Sometimes I forget to give props to the things we have used for years. I'm a fan of Rod & Staff grammar. No, it isn't very fancy, but there is something so simple and yet very thorough about it. Anytime I think of switching to something else I can't bring myself to do it. This week one of his little challenge excercise was to write a descriptive paragraph about a camel. I was thrilled to see that he (on his own) formatted his paper just like we have been learning in IEW. He did a great job without my help.Yay!

Another thing we love is Singapore and Life of Fred. When I asked Silas what his favorite subjects were he chose Life of Fred as one. Singapore is tough, but I really love it. Life of Fred adds and element of fun and challenge, but in a different way. I love this combination for this particular kid.

Ohhh....Boxes have been arriving lately! I'm in serious planning mode for next year. I was considering what to do for literature when a friend sent me a link to Teaching the Classics and Reading Roadmaps. I just started watching the DVDs, but I have already learned so much. Starting next week we will be working through some of the 4th grade books. We will for sure be using their lists and method for literature next year. I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Thanks for checking in! How was your week? Are you also planning and thinking about next year's choices? Is there anything new that you're excited about?


  1. Love it!! Everything feels so gentle and kind

    1. Thank you so much! What a sweet compliment :)

  2. We are looking to begin artist and composer studies, so this was a great motivation for me! I love his artwork.

    1. It has been so fun to just relax and do art for a while :) This has been a fun and simple approach. I'm making up for all the art we didn't do much of earlier in the year. It's nice doing it this way and not all year. Makes you appreciate it in a different way.

  3. Oh so much wrapped up in this post that I want to embrace :)

    1. These art weeks have been a lot of fun. It's a good way to end the year :)


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