More Fun with Science and an Update

Friday, February 5, 2016

It has been way too long since I have updated here. I started looking through my pictures from this year. I thought I'd add a few here, so we don't lose these memories. We just finished week 22 of school, and can't believe how fast it has all gone by! Silas and I covered the Middle Ages all the way to the Renaissance, and now we are going to finish the school year out with an artist study. This week and next we are studying Leonardo da Vinci. I have been happy with how the year has gone, but as I looked to next year I started missing HOD. I will share our plans in full later, but for now know we will return to our familiar old friend next year.

Most of these pictures are from our Pandia Press Chemistry program. We have had a lot of fun this year learning all about chemistry!

I love kitchen chemistry! Silas always thinks it's fun to eat his experiments. We learned why baking powder (sodium, hydrogen, carbon, sulfur and oxygen) sure do help to make a better muffin!

We learned about chemical families.

Silas tried to see what the difference between Sodium and potassium by looking, touching and tasting. 

He said he kind of liked the salt substitute, and couldn't really tell the difference. 

Nest we did a ton of solubility tests. 

We tried salt, sugar, and powdered sugar in water and oil. 

We tested them in different temperature water. 

We studied a handful of different elements.  

We dissolved epsom salt in water, and it dried into this crystal formation. 

 We made made atom slime with borax. We were studying boron that week.

Silas had a lot of fun with this squishy goo!  

Next we studied carbon. Don't pay attention to my dirty oven! 

We saw what happens when you heat carbon by roasting marshmallows in the oven. 

 The boys are always appreciative of a sweet snack during school!

You probably noticed we are pretty natural around here. When we studied oxygen I had to run out and buy some hydrogen peroxide. We learned what happened when we pour it on a cut. 

Silas had a cat scratch, and said this burned really bad.  

Ahhh...Purification essential oil. SO much better! 

No stinging or burning. 

Silas thought hydrogen peroxide was for the birds! 

He highly endorses these wonderful little bottles instead!

We also tortured this poor potato with hydrogen peroxide. 

We made some element, molecule, compound and mixture models with gum drops. 

The kids are always happy to get their hands on things that aren't normally around the house! 

After he was done he created his own structure. 

This day we learned about the difference between a compound or a mixture. A salad is a mixture rather than a compound. 

It was fun having my little chef make my lunch for a change! 


This doesn't cover all the experiments we did this year, but they are the ones I had sitting in the camera. I've missed posting and interacting with you all. I hope to put up an update for Aedan as well. How is your year going?


  1. I'm so glad you updated us! This science looks like a LOT of fun!!

    1. I have so many pictures left! Thank you for popping in :)

  2. Yay! So good to see a post from you :) I've missed your updates. This science looks like your son had so much fun! I believe we will be doing HOD next year, too, ...but with a twist.

    Happy Homeschooling!

    1. I'm SO curious to see what your twist will be!

  3. So much yummy, fun, and learning happening in your home! Atom slime - very cool. Love the hydrogen peroxide vs. Purification, haha. It's all so wonderful. So happy you shared! I've missed you sharing, I've missed blogging, and I've missed being a part of this community. After OS, I hope to catch up with everyone and start sharing again. :)

    1. He did NOT like peroxide! Good lesson in natural alternatives in his mind :) I've missed my blogging friends too. I feel some blogging inspiration coming!


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