Box Day & Why Prayer is Always a Great Idea

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ok, so who gets super excited about receiving school books in the mail? This girl right here! Last year we took a step away from Heart of Dakota. As I pondered what to use next year for next year I kept looking and looking (and looking) at all the options. If you've been a homeschooler a while you know how many options there are for pretty much every subject under the sun. It can get very overwhelming, and I'm not one that is easily overwhelmed. I had forgotten that I already had something I had used and loved for so many years.

Last month our church was doing a fast, so I devoted some time to really praying what the Lord would have me to do next school year. I was making myself crazy with looking at all the options. Fortunately when I bought our books for last year I purchased the HOD Missions to Modern Marvels guide, so it was already on my shelf. I took the MtMM guide back off of the shelf just to take a peek. I was looking at it just for science, but then I started looking more closely. It was basically all I was wanting for next year. Finally....peace. Sometimes I search and search and forget to really seek God on the decisions I need to make for our school. When I did seek him and ask what I should do, guess what? He answered. I was so thankful to finally have a decision on my hands. Once I made the decision it was like all that anxiety lifted. I became excited about school again, and could start really moving forward. Joy!

Next year Aedan will be studying modern American and world history with HOD Missions to Modern Marvels. Silas will be back to HOD after 2 years away. He will be using books that are already on the shelf for HOD Creation to Christ. Praise the Lord for books I don't have to buy! I am SO excited to be in both of these guides with each boy. They both will be learning things about a period of history they haven't yet studied fully. It will be fun to re-do Creation to Christ and add things or subtract things I know I would do differently now. I have also found some really great options for literature for both boys. I'm SUPER excited about that too!

Shipments have started arriving. This was the first box from Heart of Dakota I received. Other boxes have been trickling in, but I always get most excited about these HOD boxes!

This is most of the HOD MtMM Economy package. I can't wait to dig into all these books. I'm looking forward to learning alongside Aedan as we study modern history using these resources. He will also do the President study which I think will be a great thing in an election year. The Nature and Art Journal came in a second package. I'm especially happy to use that part of the plans next year for Aedan. It will be fun to see him work on realistic nature drawings and hone in on that skill a little more. He loves spending time outside. Coupling that with poetry will be perfect! The only change I will make to the schedule is the Bible study. I plan to use Hewitt Homeschooling's junior high Bible study instead of the Faith at Work study in MtMM. I'll share more about that later. 

I will purchase the Science, Storytime and Extension sets next. I already had the MtMM guide on my shelf, so I opted to sub the HOD World Geography High School guide to preview what will be coming the year after next. Yeah, I'm weird like that. Even if we hadn't returned to HOD for MtMM I had definitely planned to return for the World Geo Guide. I can't wait to use that one!

The one thing I was feeling like not using last year is the thing I realized was one of the elements I love the most about HOD. These beautiful notebook pages tie all the history we learn together. While some may find they make tweaking HOD harder (this is probably true) I have realized it was this creative element that is so wonderful for Aedan especially. Most often I can tell more of what he learned by what he draws than what he writes. That's an artist for ya! It has been so fun for me to see his history come back alive with all of the drawing and art he has done with our return to HOD for Revival to Revolution this year. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next year!

I will update you on the rest of the fun things we have coming too. I am hoping to get all my planning done by the end of this school year. Last year I threw all my plans out, and was planning in the summer. Never again! I want to enjoy all that sunshine fully this year. Here's to a great new year!


  1. I am so glad you have peace about it now! It is a struggle for me, too! I am always watching for something new and better, and it's a bad habit. I need to stick with what works!!

    1. It's probably amazing and hard at the same time to be a curriculum reviewer. I know I would have so much fun with all those books coming, but it would be hard for me to stay the course. I'm always looking though, so I understand :)

  2. Answers to prayer brings about that amazing peace. I still have some unanswered prayers, but I've been up in the mountain (over 2 weeks now) and giving praise for every little moment :) We will be using HOD, but still praying over how it will all work with an intentional plan to keep slow as a priority. It's been like old times reading your reviews again.

    1. I think you can find a way to enjoy it keeping your priorities. My oldest likes to be done early, but I would like to build more margin into our day so we can slow down more too. On days we have to be somewhere that's harder, but we have fewer of those.


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