Heart of Dakota - HOD Rev to Rev - Week 29

Monday, March 28, 2016

 Welcome to a peek into Week 29 here at Monarch Room! This past week Aedan studied the life of David Livingstone and the exploration of Africa, The Franco-Prussian War, and the unification of Germany. Normally I read a lot of our books in the summer, but lately I have been trying to read them the night before. It has given us more to discuss, and I am learning so much as well!

 Aedan's history project this week was to make a Kalahari Desert collage as we studied Cecil Rhodes arriving in Africa and the discovery of diamonds.

A big portion of our week was studying the life of David Livingstone.

 Heart of Dakota has extension books to raise the level of the guides to an older age. For the next few weeks we will read this biography about David Livingstone. Aedan has always read these extension books even though he falls at the end of the age range for the guides he has used. The extensions this year have all been excellent and add a depth to our studies that I have really appreciated. I asked him the other day if he thought we read too many books. Sometimes I hear of that complaint about HOD. He gave me a very emphatic NO. He said the books are his very favorite part. I love that! HOD is an excellent choice for kids who really have a love of reading.

I have added a lesson here and there from Mystery of History IV even though it isn't scheduled. I love that there is another perspective and oftentimes beautiful pictures as well.

 Aedan mapped the places in Africa that Livingstone was exploring.

Franco-Prussian War - July 1870 - May 1871

Aedan did a nice job of explaining how the Franco-Prussian War turned out. Of course he always finds a way to give history his own flair.

United German Empire - January 1871

Aedan studied Robert Fulton and the invention of the Steamboat.

Our new storytime book is Shipwrecked. The story is about a marooned Japanese boy named Manjiro that was rescued by an American Whaling ship captain. The following week we are learning more about Asia and Japan so this ties in nicely with our history studies. I love how HOD ties things up so well. It's wonderful reading about history in a great spine, but it is even better to have a heart connection to the history because you read about the life of someone who actually lived it in a living book. It's far more memorable and impactful that way. That wraps up our week! 6 weeks to go!


  1. We read a biography of David Livingston several years ago. I think it was the Christian Heroes series. He was a fascinating person, and his story was incredible. Looks like y'all had a great week {again!}. :-)

    1. We read the one you read last year in ECC :) It was a good week. Everything feels new to us since we started later in the year which leaves me feeling less fatigued than I normally feel this time of year. The books really have been SO good though. Such an interesting period to study :)

  2. It looks like you've found your groove again! I always love that you share the notebooking pages.

    1. I seem to always get a second wind the second half of the year. It helped that we got to take these books off the shelf. They were new to us, so maybe that's why.


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