Week in Review - HOD Rev to Rev - Unit 26

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring is just around the corner! I'm starting to open the windows more often, and am seeing a little more sunshine each day. I'm always thankful for the promise of spring at the last quarter stretch of our school year. Moving back to HOD did help put a new excitement back into school. We are really enjoying learning about this period of history! This week we focused our studies on the Civil War and events, places and people that surrounded it. I have loved how the integrated things have played together so well. The books, maps, poetry and books have really painted a full picture of what was going on during this time.

This week was pretty simple as far as projects go. I like that HOD might throw in a few more involved projects and then add in a few easy ones for a few weeks. Our history projects this week were simply to make map observations about what lead up to the war.

We studied several different maps that showed different battles following the routes that various generals took during each battle and the retreats they made as well.

One thing I've loved is that is new to this particular guide than guides past is the Worthy Words box. We study source texts during the period. The one this week we read about the battle between the Monitor and Merrimac ships. We read an excerpt from Dana Greene who was aboard one of the ships. Both sides felt they won, and they might have in different ways. We studied this picture of the famous battle as well.

Abraham Lincoln is Elected - This one made me chuckle. He is making a reference to Lincoln having received a letter from a little girl who thought he should grow a beard.

South Carolina Secedes from the Union. "Hope this doesn't start anything."

Civil War Begins - Confederates Fire on Fort Sumter.

One thing I am happy to return to in HOD is our storytime books. For a while Aedan has wanted to just read the books to himself. Starting with this book I started reading to him again. For a while while Silas was mostly dependent on me it was harder, but as he has gotten older I would like to return to this. A mom in one of my homeschool groups said how important storytime has been for developing a special bond with her kids. It was fun to enjoy this book with my big kid. It is a great story of what Civil War Kentucky was like for a stable boy slave. I am looking forward to seeing how it ends!

Aedan drew a Civil War drummer boy for Draw and Write Through History. We were introduced to Gabriel in our storytime book above who was a Kentucky slave. He met former slaves that were serving in the Union Army.

I have especially enjoyed the poetry this year. It often goes with an event. Our poem this week was Barbara Frietchie by John Greenleaf Whittier. It's more of a legend than an actual event though it was inspired by a woman. Legend has it that as Stonewall Jackson rode through her town he and his men shot down every Union flag except for hers because she bravely held it up.

Aedan copied a portion of the poem in his notebook.

I just recently found that a fellow HOD mom made a fabulous Pinterest board for Rev to Rev videos. I'm so thankful she shared! I have been trying to remember to watch all these each week with Aedan.

Aedan is currently studying Alexander Graham Bell for the inventor study. He wrote about how Bell once met Queen Victoria and startled her by grabbing her arm which was a major no-no. Oh...this kid! See you next week. We are in the single digits now. 9 weeks to go!


  1. I read aloud to Jordan through the 9th grade and then he was ready to be off on his own. With Nathan it was much sooner. I'm just not going to let that be an option with my next set of kiddos. :) It's fun to see you just ahead of us in History. :) Love the art tied into this lesson and of course the source documents. I have a high school am hx program that just uses source documents along with video lessons. I'm always so tempted to pull it out, but it is really geared for high school. Happy to see you back to HOD - if only for the silly and entertaining cartoons, but mostly because it makes you happy. :)

  2. He let me read this one to him, and I realized I loved having a chance to slow down with him. He has so much he reads on his own, so I thought I'd ask what he though. I really doubt he'll let me do it much longer, so I'll take what I can :) It is a good book too! It's kind of a nice mental break for me. I really love the source documents. We will have them again next year as well. I look forward to that part. I love his cartoons too. I missed seeing his interpretations of history. Thanks for visiting friend :)

  3. I love Aedan's drawings! They always make me smile!


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