Learning with Michelangelo - Weeks 26-27 in Review

Friday, March 11, 2016

Welcome to another week of art at Monarch Room! Silas enjoyed learning about Michelangelo these past few weeks though he thought he was a bit of a complainer. As we learned while studying Da Vinci, Michelangelo and old Leo were rivals. We are wrapping up our time in the Renaissance, so studying Michelangelo was perfect timing.

Michelangelo was a painter, architect and above all a sculptor. We didn't get around to any sculptures at home, but Silas is taking an architecture and sculpture class at co-op. He is currently building a fortress with all of his classmates. Since he is already doing sculpture outside of home, we decided to do a fresco painting of Michelangelo's St. Peter's Basilica.

My art supply hoard is growing. Now we have a really large bag of plaster! Anyone know what else in the world I can do with this? Ha! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby and their coupons.

Silas thought it was awesome that he got to mix "cement." He kept calling his brother to make sure he got to see.

Silas chose this image from one of our art books of St. Peter's Basilica to replicate for his fresco. I decided to not suggest the Sistine Chapel paintings as a subject since he will do that when we get to the Renaissance again.

I realized after we poured our plaster that Michelangelo actually worked on wet plaster. It still had a little give, so Silas carved out his design before he painted it like in the video below.

I thought this was a great explanation of how what Michelangelo's technique would have been for his fresco paintings. A lot of work! I can't even imagine, though he made it pretty clear he didn't love the work.

We used watercolor to paint his plaster canvas.

He also thought he should add a bit of gold. I love kid art!

These are some of the books we read about Michelangelo. We have a few art books on our shelves as well that we could reference.

This was our final week in the Renaissance. We will take a break from artist studies next week to do a unit inspired by one of our Ready Readers books. I want to squeeze all the fun I can out of the rest of this year before Silas outgrows some of these things, though I hope we still have a little time. Both of my boys are very young at heart.

 Silas is reading The Shakespeare Stealer on his own. He has also read some of the Prudence with the Miller stories in the morning alongside his bible. I love these sweet illustrations of how to live well.

Peter Pan is our current read aloud. Silas is shocked by how misbehaved the kids are in this book, but we both find it very amusing. Our next story is Mary Poppins. I am trying to slip in a few classics that we haven't yet read this year.

We got a little bit behind in science, so we've been doing it almost every day. Silas doesn't let me go too long with skipping Science. It's one of his favorite subjects. This week we learned about the different states of matter. First we learned about gasses, liquids and solids by using H2O as an example.

Next we bagged up a rock, water and air to demonstrate how each takes up space differently.

We located a solid and a liquid.

We also found a gas though technically this is more of a mist.

Then we learned about the freezing point and condensation point of water.

We also learned what the boiling point was as well.

We learned how some mixtures or liquids will take the shape of their container.

Except this didn't really work so much because the peanut butter and Mayonnaise were too thick to take the shape of the bowl.

Ok, so I think Jello is really gross, but apparently science curriculum providers want to make sure to get as much food coloring as they can into our kids. Silas thought it was cool that we got to make Jello for science. Jello comes out of the package as a solid.

It is mixed with boiling water, so there is liquid and gas present. The liquid dissolves the solid, so at this point in the process we have a liquid.

The Jello then became solid-like though a very jiggly one.

We also demonstrated density by using some of Silas's favorite stuffies.

We used an empty box.

We started adding animals to demonstrate density.

More dense.

Even more dense.

Most dense.

His lab sheet is so cute :)

Next we learned how solids have density by doing a sink or float experiment. This was supposed to be an orange, but of course we had a million lemons after our Lemon Extravaganza with Lentil that we had this week as well. The unpeeled orange was supposed to float.

The peeled orange was supposed to sink. Apparently oranges are more dense than lemons because this still floated.

Then we tried to sink a bunch of different kinds of things.

We made a little tub boat that we tried to sink with marbles. Silas guessed it would take 12 marbles to sink the boat.




56 and down she went!

He thought this was really fun! Good thing we bought that Chinese Checkers set so long ago.
 Phew! That was a lot of science! I love that all of these experiments are easily done for the most part with things we have around the house.

Thank you so much for visiting! What was your favorite part of school this week?


  1. I also love his lab sheet with the stuffies! That science looks really fun.

    1. It is a great science :) Sometimes I get behind, but we will get around to doing it all hopefully.


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