Learning with the Pioneers - Weeks 28-29

Friday, March 25, 2016

Welcome to a peek into the past few weeks of school for my Silas :) I've been having a blast veering from our schedule and just finding inspiration from some of our literature books. Next year we will head into HOD Creation to Christ which will be fully planned for me besides the fun I decide to add to it (hallelujah!) I'm so excited to study the ancients with Silas, but for now we are having fun pulling being inspired by the stories we have read.

I took a break from our art study to do a pioneer study. One of our Reading Roadmaps books was Apples to Oregon which is a story about a pioneer family traveling on the Oregon Trail. I took this as an opportunity to pull some things out of that book. We took a great field trip to the National Frontier Trails Museum last week to experience what it was like to ride in a wagon.

 The gift shop at the museum had a lot of great books and trails related toys and activities. I bought this wooden wagon to put together.

 Silas did a great job following the directions and putting it together!

This was the finished product. Such a cute little wagon!

We pulled a few things off of Homeschool Share for Apples to Oregon.

These are some of the books we read through these past few weeks. We learned about pioneers, apples, weather, and Oregon.

Some of the books were beautiful!

We really enjoyed Sunsets of the West.

We also had a few last days this week. We wrapped up our final day of the Life of Fred Intermediate Series. Silas loves Fred! I do too. It's been a sweet thread that has run through our homeschool years from kindergarten until today. These books are worth every single penny in my opinion. Next year we will continue in Fractions and Decimals and Percents.

We also finished All About Spelling 4. I haven't decided whether or not to continue. Silas does really well with spelling. I don't think he missed one single word all year which is making me wonder if I should challenge him a little more. I had him take a placement test for Phonetic Zoo, and he placed into Level B which is for 6-8th grade. I'm thinking AAS 5 would be below his level at this point. Decisions. We shall see. Silas is still in his pajamas at God knows what hour :)

We have almost caught up in science, so you will see lots of science pictures in the next few posts. I don't want Silas to miss out on these fun experiments in R.E.A.L Science Chemistry! This week we learned more about liquids, solids and density. This rock candy experiment was to show how you can turn sugar, a solid, into a liquid, and then back into a solid. 

 We dissolved sugar into boiling water. It took a LOT of sugar. 3 full cups!

This string and washer will catch the sugar crystals as they form.

Silas was very excited about this experiment. We added a little vanilla to the mixture.

 He's going to have to be patient. After a week this is how it looked. Since I took this picture more crystals have formed. It will probably take quite a few weeks for the crystals to be significant.

 Next we learned about liquid density. This corn syrup has served me well. I think I bought it when we first moved in 3 years ago for science experiments!

 Silas guessed which one would be the most dense.

 Next we learned about how water has different mass when liquid and frozen. We added food coloring to water. We left the lid on one and kept it at room temperature filling both bottles all the way to the top.

We put the other bottle with the lid off in the freezer and saw how the mass was greater after we froze the water. That's all for now! We shall see what next week will bring!


  1. I've said it before, but I'm saying it again - I LOVE all of the science experiments!!!! I'm coming to your house for school. :-)

  2. Haha! Well...It's just because we are trying to fit these all in. Most of them are too fun to miss :) It would be fun if you could come!

  3. Darling little wagon kit! We are so ready to get back to schooling next week. It's been far too long of a break and despite the obstacles we keep encountering with this move and my health, we need to make it a priority. Looks like science has been fun in your home :)


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