Week in Review - HOD Rev to Rev - Unit 31

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Welcome to Unit 32 in Revival to Revolution! This week we learned about the empires of Russia, Burma, India, Egypt and Sudan. The world was changing so quickly during this period. A lot of the same conflicts that were happening then are still happening now. The more things change...the more they stay the same.

A lot of Europe was fighting for land in different parts of the world. Africa was being divided among many different countries. Our history project was to play the Scramble for Africa game.

We marked a die with B for Britain, F for France, G for Germany, I for Italy, S for Spain and P for Portugal.

The kids took turns rolling the die. If they rolled a certain country they colored that part of the map. The object was to be the first person to have your whole map colored.

Aedan won much to Silas's chagrin. These are very competitive kids!

Aedan's written narration was about Russia at this time. I don't think I'd like to visit in the Winter. Would you?

Burma Annexed to Great Britain in Series of Wars

Queen Victoria Becomes Empress of India

We learned about Royal Elephants in India.

Our storytime book is With Daring Faith about the life of Amy Carmichael. As we have traveled through these HOD guides, one of the things for which I am most thankful is that we have grown to know and love so many people we have studied. I love that Aedan gets to see that many of them didn't start out as perfect people.

We learned what parts of India were under British rule.

Next year we will use this text for HOD MtMM. MtMM starts at around page 115 of this book, so some of what is in this book are things and people we are currently reading about in Rev to Rev. I had Aedan read a few chapters this week to help him understand better what we were learning about this week.

Battle of Tel al-Kabir Leads to British Occupation of Egypt

Our poem was about a Persian caliph named Haroun Al Raschid. This was quite a thought provoking poem. While poetry is supposed to be independent, I always read it with Aedan. I think it helps us to both understand more of what is being communicated not only in the poetry but also how it is meant to tie together some of our history readings.

We have been working through some IEW  units, but I thought we would do one more Jump In unit for fun. This week and next we are working on a newspaper article.

Aedan started out the year in EE (Exp. Education.) We got bogged down, and I took Apologia off the shelf. We just completed it. Aedan was kind of sad it was over. While I think Apologia has been good, I do regret not completing EE. We will pick it back up next week and finish a little over half of it by the time the year is over. Both are great options. I think if I had just stuck with Rev to Rev I would have stayed with EE. Water under the bridge. Silas will for sure use EE. He was so bummed that we stopped building the projects.

This was our final box day for Aedan. I have everything I need for next year. I'm turning a blind eye to anything else as much as I possibly can!

Next year in MtMM Economy is scheduled at the middle school level. You can add a few resources to make it credit worthy. I'm considering whether or not that will add too much to our schedule. I watched a few of the Economics for Everybody DVDs, and they are excellent! We shall see how or when I use them. Thanks so much for visiting! See you next time!


  1. How do you like Jump In? I was looking at it for my almost 6th grade son. I have almost everything bought for next year, too! In fact, we are starting on some of it now, ha-ha! Also, tell Aeden, I LOVE to look at his drawings. The spring and winter one made me laugh!! He is a clever little artist.

  2. Hi! We are doing Rev to Rev next year for 7th grade and CTC for 5th grade. We are planning to use the guide pretty much as is (except for math and writing). The only subject that I am still not 100% sure about is the science.

    I keep going back and forth in my thinking. I really want to do the HOD science because it is all planned out and is scheduled for 4 days a week. ;-) My biggest hang ups with HOD in this area are the experiments and that there is no earth science taught in high school. We are a pretty minimalist family and really don't keep a lot of the items needed in our house to do them with. And I really don't want to go buy a bag of some item, use 2 or 3 of them, and then have to store something that I will probably not use again. ;-)

    I keep looking at Apologia General and wondering if that would be our best route. I love that you can get the Apologia lab kits with everything needed for the experiments in labeled zip lock bags. :) I also love that you can order the DVD instruction from Christianbook where they can see the experiments done. The notebooks are nice too. But, I also know that there is more planning with it and it is done 5 days a week, which I am trying to avoid. Just can't decide. Neither one of my kiddos have shown any interest in science (except for animals).

    I know that you have done both this past year. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks so much for any advice that you can give! :)


  3. Megan, I actually really like Jump In for a kid that has the structure of paragraphs down. I had taken a break from it to do a few IEW units to help with that which really helped. Jump In needs is fun if you use it over 2 years. I felt that we needed a little more instruction than it provided, but I do really like it. If I had done IEW last year it would have been a breeze. He does enjoy it :)

    My anonymous friend,

    That is a really hard question for me to answer as each kid is so different. I won't use Apologia General for my youngest. He would actually thrive in EE. He was sad when we shelved it because he loved watching his older brother's science. My oldest needed me present while he was building which was a little hard to do this year. Many of the days don't take long, but when you get to the projects a few of them do take a significant amount of time. I will say that EE is a fantastic program. There really is no physical science out there like it where you build these type of projects to learn more about the laws of physics. It is very cool. Our computer was desperately needing to be replaced, so that is partly why we got bogged down as well. I will almost 100% use EE for my youngest son when he gets to this guide if that tells you anything. I like Apologia, but I don't love how the books are set up where you read, are interrupted by an experiment, and then you read again. The lab sheets bogged us down too. Apologia General is a big step up in work from the elementary series.

    Have you always done HOD? Earth science is covered in RtR. I think it's pretty rare to cover Earth Science in most curriculum. It seems more like an elective science from what I've seen. Generally I see Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Advanced Bio. People sometimes play with that final year for something like Earth Science/Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy or Marine Bio. I am very curious to see what HOD will schedule for that final year. I hope this helps :)

  4. Hey Tara,

    I want to comment about your prep for next year and the Economics you mentioned. My 9th grader is going through the Penny Candy book and bluestocking guide this year. If you have your son read the book and then do the vocabulary, discussion questions and some essay questions from the guide, it is credit worthy for 1/2 credit. My son is in CC Challenge 1 and they are doing Penny Candy and Money Wise in 1 semester at a very fast pace. For a younger age, you can easily use the two books together, Penny Candy and Money Wise, over an entire year making it 1 full credit. But go through them one book at a time, not simultaneously. Hope that makes sense! Anyway, thought I would throw that out there in case it might help you.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm trying to decide if it will be too much, or if I should just go for getting the credit out of the way. That does make sense!

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for the quick response! :) We did do HOD science from Little Hearts up through Preparing then took off a couple of years. We did Apologia Astronomy and Botany the first year and then did a year of God's Design for Science (covering 3 books: Animals, Anatomy, and Weather). I noticed the same thing as you did in my research, that most of the high school programs did not cover that. I'm not sure why that is. It's my favorite type of science to study. :) Anyway, we plan to do some fun reading in the summer and we try to mix in some science topics when we can. I guess that I could add in some earth science books for fun. :) Thanks so much for the advice! :)

    1. Have you ever looked at BJU Earth Science? I had never looked at BJU science until recently, but I really like it! It looks packed with info. It is an 8th grade text and not high school however.

  6. Great post, Tara! Aedan's drawings are fantastic.

    Your comment in the beginning about how the more things change, the more they stay the same and about the conflicts at that time being so much like present day conflicts really resonated with me. I remember feeling the same way while going through the materials in MtMM. As much as I love early American History, I'm looking forward to moving closer to modern time with my dd towards the end of Rev to Rev.

  7. Thank you! I love his pictures so much :) I am really looking forward to heading into modern times too! We haven't ever studied that fully yet. I'm SO excited about it!

  8. Your posts still have me gravitating back to HOD, but I think we've made a decision to use something else and keep my girls learning together.

    I just love how HOD shines through you in your teaching style. And, as I always say, the hand drawn sweetness are just a treasure of learning moments.

  9. Aww...that's wonderful! I wish my boys could do school together. They were too far apart and I always felt like Silas couldn't compete. I feel like they do get a chance to experience some of their activities together. They usually join to see each others' science or projects. I'll be so curious to see what you choose! HOD has always been a great fit for Aedan. I learned that when I tried something new this year. Coming back was a breath of fresh air. I don't know if it will be what we use through the high school years. Much prayer will have to go into that decision for sure!


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