Week in Review - HOD Rev to Rev - Unit 32

Sunday, April 17, 2016

We are on our final lap of the year! This week we studied British South Africa, the Dominion of Canada and the Commonwealth of Australia. So much was taking place in this period. I appreciate that we have spent some time outside of American history on world history as well.

Since we are learning learned about the expansion of the British Empire into many different countries of the world. We read about how Australia became a constitutional monarchy with the monarch of Great Britain as its leader. Our history project directed us to make an origami boomerang. We did that a few years, so I instead purchased this cheapie boomerang on Amazon.

The whole family got out and tried it! Here's Aedan with his boomerang and light saber. Nerd meets Australia.

It was tricky! It's quite possible our boomerang was too light. It was a really windy day.

Silas tried it too. Eventually we got it to come back - sort of!

Canada, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick - Dominion of Canada (1867)

We mapped Canada in Map Trek.

Uganda, Rhodesia, and British South Africa Come Under British Rule (1894-1901)

We also mapped what South Africa was like during this period.

This painting is of a woman drinking a toast to the departing British soldiers that were heading to the Boer War in South Africa. I love how we get to study period art each week!

We also read a Rudyard Kipling poem that was written during the time of the Boer's war as well. I've said it each week, but I have especially appreciated how well the poetry went with our studies this year. It may be that we have more of the written word as we head closer to modern times. It's neat to hear a perspective that actually lived during an event or period.

Aedan's written narration was about how a rich woman from the Netherlands decided to take 200 servants with her to find the source of the Nile. It didn't end well according to Aedan. Yikes!

Commonwealth of Australia is Formed - 1901

We learned that when gold was discovered in in Melbourne that railroads and telegraphs were built to speed up travel. Aedan followed the instructions in Draw and Write Through History to draw a train.

I had set aside Exploration Education, but we picked it back up a few weeks ago. This is a really fabulous program. I didn't have the time to devote to working with Aedan earlier in the year, so we did Apologia General. This week we built a circuit. I may totally get more excited than my kids when we are successful with this stuff!

 His next project was to build a house. We will be finishing it over the next few weeks and then wiring it. We won't have made it all the way through EE, but I will definitely be using it for Silas. He begged me to get it for him when he's old enough. He loves watching these projects come to life.

Aedan started his final Inventor Study book about the Wright brothers. He is also reading an extension book about Theodore Roosevelt. I absolutely love how many biographies we get to read. SO wonderful!

This was Aedan's written narration for the Inventor Study this week. I remember when we learned about the Wright brothers back in HOD Bigger Hearts. It's neat to re-visit old familiar men and women.

We actually have 3 units left to go, but we tried to get a little ahead over the past few weeks. We will be done in 2 weeks from today! I'm thankful for our return to HOD, and that we got to experience at least half of this guide. I think we learned plenty with our first half of the year, but I definitely won't do that again. This guide is too good to miss the next time around. See you next time!


  1. I know I say this nearly every time, but I just always smile when I see these sweet little drawings on the notebooking pages. I still think HOD has THE most beauitful notebooking pages out there.

    While I am in planning mode, I can't help but think I could try to make something a little more colorful and fun to our upcoming year with something similar...but do I make more work for myself?!? I have a CD with darling graphics that would do just this, but the time spent to create it would have to be weighed against the time I'd miss in other possible moments.

  2. The notebook pages are wonderful, but you're right. It would take a lot of time to re-create them. I've made science pages that definitely took a few day's work. I think it's the memories of what we have done that far outweigh our keepsakes (though Aedan does love looking through his notebooks if I ever take them off the shelf.) You are going to have SO much fun this coming year. I can't wait to see it though your girls' eyes :)

  3. I'm so glad you are sharing about Exploration Education. I started ordering Tinkerboxes for Malachi because he loves to tinker with hands on projects, but EE is right up his alley. I think we'll start out with General Science (for our study of the human body) and then switch to EE.

    As always, love the notebook pages and drawings as well. :)

  4. Silas will enjoy EE more than Aedan thought it has been good for Aedan to follow the instructions for building. It takes patient hands and careful attention to build these projects. It is a great lesson even for me!


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