Week in Review - HOD Rev to Rev - Unit 33

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We are moving right along to the finish line! Aedan has done an extra day of work each week for the past few weeks. We run on a four day schedule, so it's not super hard to had a little extra. This unit we studied the engineering of bridges, those who rose out of slavery and the Statue of Liberty.

We have been doing the lazy man's version of projects these past few weeks. We learned about different kinds of bridges and were supposed to model how they worked. There's no way our brains were getting the verbal instructions on those projects this late in the game! Instead I checked out this super awesome book!

I really love our history spines, but sometimes it's really nice to add a visual and a little color to our studies.

President Garfield is Assassinated - 1881 A.D.
We learned about the assassination of president Garfield. The man who assassinated him did so to gain a name that would never be forgotten. I love some of the older spines we use. They definitely reflect a love of country and patriotism that sometimes feels lost. The author actually refuses to even name the man that killed Garfield out of respect for this president. We did take the opportunity to look it up, and you will have to as well if you'd like to know.

Booker T. Washington Becomes President of Tuskegee Institute - 1881 A.D.

I love how people are introduced throughout these guides, and how we study them in a more in depth way in each level. I look forward to reading Up From Slavery with Aedan when we reach high school.

I found these really cool history graphic novels at the library. The reading level is lower, but the interest level is for grades 6-9. I realized too late that there was one for the Statue of Liberty that would have gone nicely with this week as well.

My kids love graphic novels! It's nice not having to twist their arm to read a history book.

France Gives America the Statue of Liberty - 1886

 "Unveiling the Statue of Liberty" by Edward Moran

We read Emma Lazarus's poem "A New Colossus." Lovely!

Aedan drew the Statue of Liberty from his assignment out of Draw and Write Through History.

 His written narration was about James Eads.

Our new storytime book is a biography about George Washington Carver. I have really appreciated reading so many biographies in HOD. They have all been such great examples of having great character and perseverance even in the most difficult of circumstances.

 A little tip for those that are reading The Story of the Great Republic: If you look in the back of the book there is essentially a book basket list for each of the chapters in the book. I have checked these books each week as I discovered the list. It's a great way to add higher interest to some of the topics.

In addition to the Brooklyn Bridge book I mentioned above there was also a book on George Washington Carver.

This book added a lot more life to our storytime book.

He's really enjoying the Wright Brothers biography for our Inventor Study.

Aedan has been working ahead in 50 States Under God. He completed the book this week. Slowly, slowly, slowly we are finishing up our final chapters and our final pages of this year. See you next time!


  1. I love the idea of a history graphic novel. I'll be checking those out.

  2. I saw that you were using Lightning Literature.. I was curios if that is all he is reading, or if he is also using the extension books in HOD. I have had my eye on LL for awhile now... and have been anxiously awaiting your blog post you have been promising about LL!! LOL No pressure to get that post done or anything.........LOL

  3. Oh goodness! I did say I would write a Lightning Lit post! Yes! We are still loving LL. Sometimes I forget to mention all we are doing. We started LL 7 late in the year, so we won't get through all the books. We started out with Rikki Tikki Tavi. He read Tom Sawyer and LOVED it! He said it's top 3 one of his favorite books. Next he read Alice, and we are currently working through the workbook, and he will do one of the writing assignments. This summer I might have him read All Creatures Great and Small. It's just too good to miss!

    Next year will will start LL8 at the beginning of the year and do the whole shebang. I LOVE it! It's the program I had wished had been available to me for a long time. I will get through this next week and a half of school and hopefully have some energy to share more thoughts about it. I plan to use it though HS as well. They have chosen so many of the books I would have chosen myself. I'm a fan! You can pressure me again if I don't follow through. I'm feeling like I have mush brain these last few weeks of school, but I really would like to write that post!

    Aedan has also read the extensions in Rev to Rev. He says the books are his favorite part, and never feels like there are too many. The extensions have been especially good, and I feel like they have added more depth to the period.

  4. You are definitely an example of finishing up a school year strong!

  5. Thank you! I'm certainly feeling like it's a great time for a break, but it has been a great year. Starting HOD in the middle made it all fresh and new, so it was easy to push through to the end. It has all been so interesting :)


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