Week in Review - HOD Rev to Rev - Unit 35

Thursday, April 28, 2016

This will be our very last post of Aedan's 7th grade year. Boy has this kid grown! He really is becoming a young man right before my very eyes. He is still quite the kid at heart, and I hope that part of him will always remain. He definitely knows how to make his family laugh! This year we experienced a lot of trial and error, but I finally came back around to what has always worked. Sometimes you have to just try a few new things to figure out what you really loved in the first place. In the meantime we still learned a lot of wonderful things, grew a lot in skill, and also in character.  I'm thankful for what we learned this year, not only in school but also about ourselves.

I have to admit I am very ready for summer break. I made the mistake of not taking spring break this year. Normally we start earlier in the year, but we had family in town. I always love being done by May 1st. The weather is just too perfect, and you don't get a lot of that in the Midwest. It didn't take as much of a push to get through the end as normal. It was fun switching back to HOD mid-year. Everything still seemed new by the end of the year. I am looking forward to long and slow days with the boys without the worry of a schedule. I know come school time I will be ready to be back to it. The boys will too. After a while we all start missing routine. Until then I plan on soaking up a whole lot of sun and logging plenty of hours reading books I actually want and get to read.

Our final week we learned about the Annexation of Hawaii, the assassination of president Mckinley, and the reign of Queen Victoria. 

We learned about the very long reign of Queen Victoria and the many territories the British held during that time. We made a 3-D map of the world. Aedan painted the areas that were part of the British Empire in 1914.

Annexation of Hawaii - 1898

Aedan's written narration was about Hawaii which happens to be my dad's home state. My grandma and grandma grew up there as well. It's neat when you can connect your own story to history. My childhood was surrounded by sounds, sights and tastes from this faraway island. I got to visit once which is definitely not enough. My dad still smiles like he his full of the sunshine of way back when.

President McKinley is Assassinated - September 1901

Our Worthy Words this week was to read a first hand account of the assassination of President McKinley. When he was shot he looked at his assassin and said "God forgive him." I am very interested in knowing more about this president after reading the article.

Queen Victoria's Reign - 1837-1901

This is a portrait of Queen Victoria's family. She reigned from age 18 until she died at 81.

Aedan drew a picture of Queen Victoria out of Draw and Write Through History.

Aedan made it all the way to the end of dictation for the year. Silas has started helping me give Aedan his dictation lesson. He graded it too. Sometimes it's fun to let the littler kids help. He drew the "great" picture! He loves when I draw on his, so he passed on some of that love. Sometime I will have to tell you why I appreciate dictation as a spelling method sometime.

 This was Aedan's final written narration for his inventor study!

I thought his astronauts were so cute (though I am officially banned from using the word cute to describe anything he does.)

I would love to eventually write a post on what worked and what didn't this year. It will take me a few weeks of nothingness to get around to anything. For now that's a wrap on 2015-2016! Thanks for sharing our memories with us!

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