Last Day of School - First Day of Summer

Friday, April 29, 2016

 Welcome to Summer! Ok, well....maybe it's really just mid-spring, but it's our summer! We just crossed the last day of school finish line. We live in the midwest, so I love being done by May 1st if possible. One of my besties and I usually start and end at the same, so we try to do something fun with the kids at the end of the year to mark a job well done.

 This banner actually makes me giggle. I'm sure the people at the park were thinking "What in the world kind of summer party is this?" It was a dreary day, and our toes were cold. Aedan forgot his jacket. We were a motley crew, but it was our party and we were going to celebrate rain or shine. It's hard to be sad when you know there is rest coming! I found this printable banner HERE. You can edit the letters to say anything you like.

Aedan has gotten SO tall this year! He looks like a giant next to these little guys. He was a good sport to take this picture with the little kids. You can find these signs HERE.

 We made gift bags with all kinds of summer preparedness supplies like sunglasses, beach balls, leis, water guns and a little candy of course. I found these tags HERE.

The boys filled out their end of the year interviews.

My big kid! None of his older friends were done with school yet. He still willingly had light saber fights with our friends because he's pretty sweet even though he's a teenager.

 Their favorite foods have never changed - Always chicken noodle soup for Aedan, and fried chicken for Silas. You can find these interview sheets HERE.

 The boys with some of their summer loot.

I decided we needed an official finish line to cross for the summer. It all looked like it was going go go well.

Aaaaannnnd then this happened! Silas was showing promise until he tripped. We watched this video a dozen times and laughed and laughed! Here's to a great summer!


  1. What a fun and exciting finish to your school year!!! Congratulations! Video is so cute :)

    Another job well done this year, mama! You inspire me to keep going.

    1. Thank you! It doesn't feel real yet. When I wake up tomorrow I may realize I actually get a break. I was so ready :)

  2. What a fun idea! I can't wait to see your plans for next year. I have got ours planned out, except I just changed one thing yesterday. :-)

    1. I need to post those plans soon :) I want to get downstairs and clean out school room now that I have some time.

  3. Does it feel real yet? Your video still makes me laugh. :) I need you to do a post on how to take a summer break. :)

  4. It does, although it is going too fast already. I will have to admit I have accomplished little in the last few weeks, but it's been good to just slow down. There has been a lot of rain which has forced me to actually rest. I've just been reading a lot of books for pleasure for the most part. It's been so nice. Last summer didn't feel like this :)


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