Learning with Laura - Prairie Primer - Week 30

Friday, April 1, 2016

We are on the final stretch here for 4th grade. Sniff sniff. My little boy is really becoming a sweet young man. We are enjoying these final days of our year by exploring through things we already have on our shelves. We have so many great resources that I would love to use, but there just isn't enough time in the day. It's fun to have a little break in our schedule to enjoy a change of pace while we can.

 The last few weeks we did a Pioneer inspired study, so I thought I'd continue in that vein. Before I decided on HOD Creation to Christ I was toying with the idea of using Beautiful Feet Early American Intermediate with a few Prairie Primer units thrown in. As excited as I am to do HOD CtC I was a little sad about not fitting in a few of these units. My boys absolutely loved Little House in the Big Woods and Farmer Boy. We never got through the rest of the books and I really wanted the kids to be able to experience them. I found this copy of Prairie Primer at a used curriculum sale last year. I was SO excited to finally get my hands on this guide. I decided to make it through one of these books during the end of our year. It will be a great way to enjoy a great book while learning along the way.

Of course you know if there is a cookbook I'm buying it! I want to try a few pioneer recipes as we learn with Laura.

 As the Ingalls family traveled from the house in the big woods to the prairie they enjoyed corn cakes and molasses. We will make Johnny Cakes next week, but I decided corn bread and molasses would be a good school time snack.

Prairie Primer has a selection of books they recommend to go along with our studies. There really is so much you can learn through these Little House books!

I found this old gem at the library. It is so old! I think it was published in the 30's. Normally the library retires books this old, but this one is a treasure too good to set aside. I hope they re-publish it someday. I adore Holling C. Holling books!

My husband spied this book on the table, and marveled at how old it was. I think the boy in him couldn't resist a book called The Book of Indians.

At the used sale I also snagged this Prairie Primer Binder Builder which has lapbook elements to go along with our studies. Silas made a cover for his lapbook, and I bound it with my ProClick. I think that is about the cutest little cabin in the wide world!

 This is what the inside looks like. As we study things we will add new elements here and there. Prairie Primer has you reading through Little House on the Prairie in 4 weeks. Instead we will only read a chapter a day and really enjoy this book. It will take us 6 weeks to complete.

 One of the books suggested is Album of Horses. We read about how the Ingalls traded their tired horses for a few Mustang ponies that they named Pet and Patty. I thought Silas's little mustang was so adorable.

This is a really beautiful book. I love when books really inspire you to continue to thumb through them.

In addition to reading Little House we are also reading Mary Poppins. This was one of my absolute favorite movies as a child, but I never read the book. I absolutely adore the book! I had heard that Mary Poppins was quite mean in the book, but I read it more as that she is simply just being mysterious. We have laughed and laughed at how clever the story is told. As always, the book is far better than the movie (though anything with Julie Andrews in it is most certainly hard to beat.) Wonderful!

In science we are learning about what makes a gas a gas.

We cut open a kernel of corn to see if we could see the liquid inside of it. We couldn't see it, but it was there.

The corn popped because when it was heated the water turned from a liquid to a gas. The gas has to escape and in turn POPS the corn!

In keeping with the corn theme this made a tasty snack! A little salt, pepper and butter makes it even better of course.

 We also learned that air takes up space. Silas had to guess what would happen if he blew up a balloon outside of a bottle...

 ...and inside of a bottle.

He learned quickly that the air inside the bottle took up the space, and that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't blow up the balloon inside of the bottle.

 I love it when their hypothesis is wrong. He first guessed that the balloon would fill the bottle. I love seeing the kids learn something for the first time. It's like first steps, but instead first understandings. Homeschool is the best. I love that I get to experience these firsts with the kids. See you next week!


  1. What fun! My oldest daughter has read every book in the Little House series and all of mine love to watch it on DVD! The Primer looks interesting. And cornbread is always a favorite treat in my house!

    1. I want to watch the movie when we are done reading it. Such wonderful books!

  2. Isn't the Prairie Primer fun! I remember using it wayyyyy back in my earlier days of homeschooling -- the simpler days :) I don't have too many pictures, but I have the memories.

    1. It really is SO fun! It has been a perfect way to wrap up the year.

  3. Looks like a fun week! A great way to end your year. :) What a treasure of a book - amazing that the Hollings book is still in circulation. Are you enjoying it? Our library has one hard to find book from Prairie, but it's not in circulation so we have to go to the library to read it. Looking forward to your next post! I was hoping to see it in my reader this morning. :)

  4. Silas is reading and enjoying the Holling book. Many of the books are hard to get, but we did buy a few used. Fortunately there are lots more substitutes that are pretty easy to get not to mention the way too many books already on our shelves!


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